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For all CBT players, how are you?? I bet you must be enjoying the game, too bad I didn't have too much time on my hand as I was churning out important guides. =) Have you been seeing players with golden name tags? Ever wonder what is the difference between you and them? Players with golden name tags have subscribed to the VIP membership in game. So the next question will be so how do I top up?

Alright before you begin to top up, please please please back up, record down or fill in these information. What I need you to do is go to your QQ account and set three security questions and save them somewhere save or in your email. Record down all your particulars you have registered with QQ, birth date, passport number and such. (be it real or fake)

The reason why I asked you to do so is because if there has been an attempt hack by a different IP or you have bought your account from somewhere else. You might run into problems here. Tencent is very strict about this, anally strict. If your account has been accessed or tampered with from an unknown ip address, Tencent will notify you that they have detected suspicious activity in your QQ account when you are topping up. (Good luck!) In less than an hour, your account will be locked and you will be kicked out of all QQ programs, including Blade and Soul China. I was a victim last night T_T. If that happens to you, click here.

Once you have settled all that we shall proceed with the Top Up of your account.

Alright topping out is fairly simple, just go to this page. After you have logged in, follow the images below to top up.

Click on the tab to charge Q Money first.

Select Payment Option and click PayPal

Select the top up value

Summary of your purchase, before payment

After making payment, your account will reflect the topped up value . (Please ensure that your transaction has been processed)

What you have bought from the previous windows is QMoney and you will need to come to this page to convert the QMoney to QPoints which are used in the game.

From there, select your Servers->Sub Servers->Display Name. If you do not see your Display Name, please do not proceed.

Please take note of the conversion rate its 1QMoney = 10QPoints.

After you are done, click on the blue button to complete the topped up.

You may now head to the in-game Cash Shop and begin your shopping spree! =)

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Guides Center

1) How to download and install your Blade and Soul CBT/OBT Launcher

2) Create, download and top up Xunyou Game Booster

3) How to top up Q Points?

4) Sub Professions, Crafting and Gathering Guilds

5) Setting up of guilds and recruitment

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The Latest News of Blade and Soul China:

1) CBT Server Goes Live 2pm, Oct. 29th, GMT +8

2) 4 X CBT Launch Events!

For more 2.0 Updates for Blade and Soul China, please see below:

1) System: Equipment Growth System (Re-birth Hong Mun Weapon)---Skill Tree System---Point Coupon Bank---Item Conversion System + Inventory and Warehouse System + Crafting and Gathering

2) Instance: Changes to Instance Loots---Boss Decapitation---Boss's Skill Warning---Hearts System for 6-man Instances

3) VIP Membership Details + Memeber's Exclusive Content

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