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**NOTE: For all my new readers, I welcome you and I would like to inform you that Blade and Soul China is not released yet. Therefore you will not be able to play the game now, even if you finished downloading and installing. The server will be released for a Non Account Deletion CBT (or aka OBT with limited access) on the 29/10/13. If you do not have the code, you can click here to participate in the CBT Activation Code Event. If not, you can wait for the actual OBT which will be about 1 month away. =)**

Today, I would teach you how to install the Blade and Soul CBT Launcher. Before you start, you will need a QQ account. Registration is free and you can click on the link here.

You can register your QQ account here, the instructions are in English so its pretty convenient for foreign players like myself. After successfully registering an account, you will receive a QQ number. This QQ number is unique to you and you will be using this to login your Blade and Soul Game Account.

Once you have a QQ account, lets proceed to the download page, please click on the link here.

After clicking on the above option, you will reach this page. If you have any Tencent membership, please click the middle box instead. The left box is for players who do not have any vip service.

After that is done, you will receive a Game downloader as seen below. Select the directory you wish to install and click begin.

**Before you install the game, please change your system locale to "Simplified PRC Chinese" as it is required to install the game. Failure to do so might result in an error in installation. You need to remain in this system locale settings while playing Blade and Soul. 99% of the People encounter errors because they revert to their system locale after installation. Retaining this System Locale settings will not change your windows and browsers to Chinese. To switch between Chinese input and your default language input, press Ctrl and Shift **

Image below:

After you are done, you will have this new beautiful Game Launcher.

At the bottom, you can see there are 3 servers available for CBT. The servers are offline for now as indicated by the lights beside the server. The servers available are 电信一区, 电信二区 and 网通一区. For connectivity testing purposes, I will be in 网通一区. You can see on the right corner that there are 4 lights to indicate the traffic of the server.

The following lights are:

Green - Good

Yellow - Busy

Red - Full

Grey - Offline

**Account verification, please follow this link after you have keyed in the CBT code to verify you account. Without verification you will not be able to play. Link is here.**

I believe this is going to be the official Game Launcher for CBT/OBT. That is all for the tutorial, please feel free to let me know if you have any problems downloading and installing. Cya in game! ^^

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1) CBT Server Goes Live 2pm, Oct. 29th, GMT +8

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