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We have a lot to cover today, so lets get straight to the topic that everyone is discussing about, which is the Pohwan Instance.Today we got some juicy details about the instance and what to look forward to in the next 7-10 days to come. I have broken down my blog into 2 parts, Events leading up to Pohwan and the Pohwan instance. Hope you guys like it. =)

Events leading up to Pohwan Instance

1. Pohwan Instance Welcome Gift!

Duration : 6th Jan - 22nd Jan 2014

Conditions : You need to have at least a level 45 character to redeem these gifts. Each account entitled to one redemption. You will only receive 3 out of 4 items you see here.

2. Pohwan Daily Package

Duration : 15th Jan - 17th Jan 2014

Conditions : You need to have at least a level 45 character to redeem these gifts. Each account is entitled to one redemption per day.

How To Enter Pohwan Instance?

First we need to know that there are two separate dungeons for the Pohwan Instance. We have the 4 to 6 men Sea Snake Instance and the 24 men Typhoon Sea Snake Instance. Both instances drop slightly different items so please take note while farming.

4-6 Men Sea Snake Instance

How to Enter : To enter this instance, you need to accept the incoming Pohwan Quest from your Quest menu displayed. Next, defeat the 4 Big Instance bosses to receive an entry ticket of some sort for the 4-6 men Pohwan Instance. The Instance is located at the west portion of the Su Wul map as indicated.

There are altogether 4 Bosses including Pohwan herself, guides to fighting them will be up soon...

As usual for 4 men instance you will get costumes and accessories while 6 men will give you your bo pae plates and weapon. The signature Pohwan head gear can also be farmed from this instance so hurry here to grab your hairdo now! lol...

24 Men Typhoon Sea Snake Instance

So what is 24 man instance? In short, this is an instance that feels very much like farming a Wild Boss in the Desert or Su Wul Plains. Everyone goes in and kill as fast as possible and then get out. You do not need to be in any party to enter the instance, you will automatically be sorted in a random 24 men party once you enter the instance. I remember my last experience here was a major frame rate dip, with players spamming fireworks and explosives, the amount of processing power it demands is scary. Please remember to "ctrl F" to remove all the other players from your screen during times when you feel there is major dip in your frame rates. As per any Wild Boss, the difficulty of this boss drops tremendously due to the vast amount of players. There are also some hidden bosses, bombs, rifles and other interesting items in this instance.

First you need to kill this fishy boss, the boss will re-spawn every few minutes.

Kill a set number of Pohwan Soldiers

After killing a set number of Soldiers, Pohwan herself will enter the scene. Players will receive a warning just before she enter so please rush to the spawn point to receive her. XD

Dungeon Loots.

You might ask why should we attempt this dungeon and what do we get out of it? This dungeon is designed to tour the new players and get them familiarize with Wan Wan's Home. Her abode is large with a good amount of water reservoirs, sky scrapers and wonderful scenery with the highlight of meeting the owner's Grand-daughter Pohwan and her Gatling Gun. Players will be tempted to afk and take pictures at corners of the harbour. LOL!

The fights here can be taken as a tutorial so that players can have a brief idea of how to face some of the bosses in the 4-6men instance. Treasure Chests are rewarded in accordance to the damage dealt to Pohwan as you can see from the chart below. Every treasure chest will reveal an essence in the shape of a red ball that can be used to spin at the Fortune Wheel by the entrance of the instance.

Lastly, let us wrap this up with a Weapon Feeding Map for the Pohwan Instance. I have checked up the stats of the Weapon and I am still skeptical whether or not we should pour in our gold at this time. Also we are at the pre-launch phase, so do expect more updates from me regarding this instance in the time to come. Lastly, take care and have a wonderful week ahead. =)


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