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With the approaching of the last CBT, I guess its a good time to sum up how to Create, Download and Top up the Xunyou Game Booster. Xunyou Game Booster is the official game booster representing Blade and Soul China. Previously there were available downloads for the BNS official launcher as depicted above.


**To boost your game, click on more details and select your sub server**


1. To Create an account with Xunyou

Go to www.xunyou.com and click the icon below to register an account. Registration process is simple and you can use Google translate to understand the various fields required.

2. Download Xunyou Game Booster

Please click on the green rectangular button to start downloading the Booster.

3. Top up Xunyou

Sad to say, Xunyou no longer accept paypal and mastercard/credit cards. One of the ways I found out is using ChangYou Card 长游卡.


Click here for registration link. You can use google translate to understand some of the fields as well. Once you have completed you registration, you will receive a notification email.

Below is the image you will see.

Purchasing Xunyou Top Up

Please click on the link here to purchase the top up card for Xunyou. (Picture for illustration purposes only, subject to change)

Below is the image you will see:

Take note of the default currency and most importantly the "Key in your Xunyou account". Please confirm your Xunyou Account is correct before proceeding, any errors here will not be refunded. Next click add to cart when you are ready.

Next you will arrive at the checkout window. Select the quantity you need and click "Checkout"

Choose your mode of payment here as you can see Changyoucard is much more expensive than the advertised price via Xunyou.

When you are done with selecting the mode of payment, you will arrive at this page below. From here you can see your order number and click on the link below to make payment via paypal. From there you will be brought to paypal to complete your purchase. Only make payment via your paypal account and not direct credit card.


For all first timers using Changyoucard, you are required to make a one-time verification after your first purchase. You will receive an email from changyoucard asking for your identity verification. You will need to email them a scan copy of your identity card, front and back. You may also use your student pass, work pass or driving license. After the verification, you can check your Xunyou for the topped up status.

If you have accidentally make the payment using Credit Card directly, then you are required to present a photo of your credit card showing your picture and last 4 numbers of your credit card. I am not very comfortable revealing this info so I would highly encourage you to setup a paypal account if you don't have and make the payment using my above suggestion.

Changyoucard has a us portal and its us.changyoucard.com, but I am not sure if they provide the same top up service. I will continue to look for a cheaper alternative and will informed you guys once I have other options. You might wanna test out the Xunyou during the trial period to see if it really works better than other boosters like WTFast. Anyway that is all for me, if you have any queries please feel free to let me know. =)

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