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So where are you guys going this Valentine's Day? Mugging at school, going out with a loved one or dating Pohwan in her harbour?

3 Events

Event 1 : Passion of Love (link here)

Event duration :

Everyday players will receive a quest to make a book called "Passion of Love". The quest will bring you to 绿名村 aka Emerald Village and requires you to collect a quest item from 张怡 and present it to 张慈 who is from the same village. After which you are required to find 3 quest items within a given amount of time and hand it over to 张慈 to complete the quest.

Rewards :

1) Passion of Love event item. It is a heart-shaped fire works, giving a 10 minute buff that increases your Critical and Defense by 10 and total HP by 200 up to a max of 5 stacks.

2) Rose Basket. The basket will randomly reward players who opened it with Red roses, Su Wul Hero's Pass, Mini Lucky Jewel, Lucky Jewel, Su Wul Lucky Talisman or Pohwan's Perfume.

Players are encouraged to combine 5 roses and 1 Su Wul Tear to receive a Love Present. Unwarp the Love Present to see what goodies await you! Please refer to the link to see the possible rewards to avoid disappointment. **If you happen to receive a costume of the opposite sex, you can break it down to receive a black rose which you can use to exchange for your costume from the Flying Dragon Trading (飞龙工商)tab under your inventory. Please refer to the link above for more items that can be exchanged using the Black Rose. 

Event 2 : Cheer for China's Winter Olympics Team! (link here)

Event duration : unknown

Event Details : Players can receive bronze medals from killing mobs in the wild. Players need to collect 20 bronze medals + Su Wul Tear to exchange for a Winter Olympic gift in the Flying Dragon Trading Tab. The chest will reward the players with some special costumes or medals. Collect a set amount of medals to exchange for the unique medal costume from the Flying Dragon Trading Tab. (Please refer to link)

Event 3: A New Demon Chest Board 

The Demon Chest Board will re-opened again to provide players with new rewards. Do check it out when you login after patch!

Valentine's Costume

Alright Events aside so what are the new costumes that will be patching in for Valentine? Surprise, surprise! we are getting the same costume as the korean server! 

New Cash Shop Item

So how do we acquire this costume? There is a Valentine package that includes the Valentine's Costume together with some other goodies~ I am just going to cover the packages that I think is marginally worth it. =)

Everyday Love Package : Limited to one package per day. 

Love you Forever Package : This price of this package is a little steep, well if you have some spare cash or you love the costume... why not? 

Well this is the incoming Valentine Patch that will be accompanied by the patch notes I addressed in my previous post. If you missed that out, please check it out here and plan how you wanna spend your gold. Alright till then, I wish everyone a Happy Valentine and enjoy yourselves! =)

As always, follow me on Facebook to get the most up to date news on Blade and Soul China! =)

Guild : Emperial - 网通一区,咆哮寺院 (Currently full, creating sub guild)

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