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7 Great Chinese New Year Events!

Today I will be covering the news for the upcoming 7 events for the Chinese Lunar New Year! How have you guys been lately? Is Pohwan kicking your ass real hard? Are you having trouble finding or feeding equipment? Let's see what Tencent has in store for us this Festive Season.

Event 1 - Chase the Nian and this year will be a Fiery Year! (link)

Step 1 : Chase Nian

Nian is a mythical creature dated back into the ancient chinese times. Chasing the monster Nian away is believe by the Chinese to drive bad luck away for the year so since the olden days this has become a tradition we still celebrate till today in the form of a modern lion dance.

i) A New Environment

You will receive this in the form of a quest by a white hair old man who goes by the name of "百草山君". You can only receive and complete this quest once a day.

ii) Offer incense ("上香") to your Late Master, Seniors and pay respects ("行礼“)to the two Elders.

iii) Something is brewing in the Asura Valley, Frog Pond

After killing a big frog as per the image, there is a chance to spawn the Nian Creature. Note : You can only use Fire Works Bomb "烟花炸弹” to destroy the Nian.

Step 2 : Rewards for Chasing the Nian away

i) You will receive a daily reward , Ang Bao after completing the quest in Step 1. Ang Bao rewards are as below...

ii) Loot from the Dead Nian. Follow the steps below to receive the end reward.

Collect the Nian essence -> Offer up as incense at the nearby incense urn -> Receive Auspicious Talisman -> Collect up to 4 Auspicious Talisman to transform it into Heavenly Talisman. The Heavenly Talisman will grant a "Heavenly Buff".

iii) Exclusive Festive Costume for Exchange. Using 5 x Fortune cookie and 1 x Su Wul Tear, you can combine them to receive a Hero Grade New Year Gift. There is a chance that you might receive Golden Oranges. Using the oranges, open the “飞龙工商” to exchange for the Exclusive Festive Costume.

Event 2 - Free Treasure Chest! (link)

Step 1 : Open your backpack

Please take note that the new option has been added to your inventory. Everyday, there will be a Free Daily Gift from “飞龙工商”.

Step 2 : Opening more than 1 box requires additional key

Should players wish to open more than the complimentary box, players are required to buy a key from the cash shop.

Step 3 : Buying of Props

Players will now be able to buy healing pots and other items through a new option. All items bought will be binding.

Step 4 : Unlocking more props to buy

Players can buy inventory expand scroll to open up more slots for the Treasure Chest. This allow them to buy better items compared to the default ones.

Event 3 : Gift a Friend (link)

Step 1 : Open your Cash Shop.

Step 2 : Click on the item you wanna buy and check more details

Step 3 : Click on Beg a friend

Step 4 : Send the request to buyer

If the player decides to sponsor you the requested items, the buyer will receive Instant Gifts.

Please refer to link for more details

Event 4 : Special Wardrobe (link)

During the event when you enter the game, acquire the necessary costume as seen below to stand a chance to receive this Limited Edition China Festive Costume. Please refer to image below:

Event 7 : Demon Chess (link)

Enjoy a game of Demon Chess this Chinese New Year! Everyday you will be given a certain number of chance to spin the wheel.

After spinning the wheel you character will begin to move forward. Continue to march forward day by day to receive the gift at the end of the boardgame.

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