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Welcome to the new revamp 2.0 Skill Tree System in Blade and Soul China. With this new revamp, skills become more in-depth and customised compared to the 1.0 version. Say goodbye to what was known as “Must add skills” or Pr-requisite skills to add in a class. As you can see from most skill builds or guides, there are usually some useless skills that are compulsory to add if you want to unlock the more powerful ones. In this update, the system will remove this restriction and give players the freedom to add whichever skills they prefer.

Skill Specialization Tree

Unlike the 1.0 version, this new system creates an independent skill tree for each skill. The skill will branch out into different enhanced versions of the same skill. The more points you commit to a specific branch the more powerful the skill becomes.

More Skill Points

The new skill points given to each player is more than 3 times of the original version. With this new system, skill build can be more diverse and players will be able to create a build that is truly customised to their play style.

Another Convenient Feature

The Practice Skill Tree Feature encourage novice players to create builds for the three following occasions, PVP, Leveling and Instances. Each skill build can be saved on a separate tab for easier retrieval and reference later on when you need them.

The image below shows the tab that allows you to save different skill builds for easier reference. (This is still under development and will be made available in the future)

Freedom to add skills

Skills will no longer be tag to level and skills are unlocked according to their skills specialisation. Therefore there is no need to waste skill points on skills you will never use. The cost to learn and reset skills have been removed. giving total freedom to the players to experience and see what works for them.

Click on the bottom right hand icon to reset your skills for free

Special Skill

At the last part of the skill tree, there is a requirement to unlock the special skills. At the moment, there are no further details of what these skills are or how these skills can be unlocked.

New User Interface for Skill Tree

A : The menu for the skills

B : Skill Tree Specialization

C : Skill description

Some previous info regarding the 1.0 system

In the former version, there is a requirement for players to complete a Chapter 17 Quest known as Trial of the 8 Wizards (八部奇才的试炼) before the Skill Tree is becomes available. At level 15 onwards, players will get 1 skill point per level till they reach the max level of 45. There is still no info on when we can start learning skills in the 2.0 system so this is just a reference to keep in mind.

In the 2.0 Skill Tree Revamp, Steparu has mentioned that the new skills became game-breaking as some of the new skills made certain classes god-like. I have seen quite a few videos like the speed up buff of the Destroyer and the amazing Starwars Forcefield of the Blade Master. Some skills are a little over-powered for the current cap and definitely needs stronger mobs to make up for this.

A sample of the Blade Master skill tree is below, a Block Skill in the 1.0 system had around 5 enhance versions while the new 2.0 system expanded a lot more.

Below are the translated skills:

How this will turn out in the China Server remains to be seen and I hope that the game will be balanced even with the new skills. Will this new skill tree system break the game or will it do like what it was meant to do? To give the players the freedom to add skills whichever way they like. Also for players who are into PVP, what diverse build will stem from this change?


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