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Credits to Mark Anthony D for the image, please check out more of his awesome works at his deviant art page 

With Valentine's Day just round the corner, we have a new patch inbound! Wait but this is not the Valentine's Event yet but a patch to revise some of the drop rates for certain loots. =)

1. Increase drop rate in 24 men Pohwan

During this Valentine period, the drop rate for the 24 men Pohwan Weapon 暴风恶女武器 aka the Typhoon Evil Girl Weapon will be doubled. The Weapon Chest can be obtained from killing Pohwan and the chances for you to get a Typhoon Evil Girl Weapon now will be 200%. After Valentine, the drop rate will decrease but will still be significantly higher than the current drop rate.

2. Weapon or Accessories Feeding will be easier

The requirement for the 水月英雄武器 Su Wul Hero Weapon will be reduced from 100 Hero's Passes to 70. The quests like the 4 Big Instances and the daily quests of Su Wul plains will also reward players with more Su Wul Hero's Pass than usual.

Another exciting change to the loot system in Pohwan Instances is that the 4-6men Pohwan runs will now grant 3 Perfumes instead of the usual 1 Perfume per run. Flame Demon's Horns and Demon's Teeth (a lower level key feeding material) will also spike an increase in drop rates thus making it easier for newer players to level up their weapons and accessories.

Refining Stones will also spike an increase in drop rate in the 4 Big Instances. All big instances will now have a 100% confirm drop rate of 1-2 Refining Stones per run. There is also a possibility that Refining Stones will appear in the treasure chest of the 24 men dungeons bosses.

3. A Helping Hand to all New Players

There will be a revision of loots from the two hero's grade instances, namely Red Lotus and Pingnan Fleet. Now, players can receive Bo Pae Plates, Weapons and Accessories from 6 men instances rather than the revised 4 men instances. This is really great news as I have friends who came over to our server who were having a really hard time getting their equipment while leveling.

Lastly, all 御龙林 Dragon Forest and 大漠 Desert accessories will now only require 50% of the usual exp to level up. This is as good as giving a 50% discount in price for leveling accessories!

I guess everyone is happy about this incoming patch! This is definitely a great time for all leveling players to suit up and for players who already have a char with max accessories and weapon to level their alternate toon. A few weeks ago, players were complaining to Tencent about how steep the weapon and accessories feeding requirements were and they finally did something about it this patch!

Please take care guys and happy feeding! =)

As always, follow me on Facebook to get the most up to date news on Blade and Soul China! =)

Guild : Emperial - 网通一区,咆哮寺院 (Currently full, creating sub guild)

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