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This is an introduction to the Blade and Soul’s Inventory and Equipment System. Let’s take an initial look at how the inventory system works and the equipment that you will be using.

1. Bo Phae Plates
Bo Phae plates are part of what makes up your equipment. Each Bo Phae plate provides different statistics so you can customized your gears according to pve/pvp. All Bo Phae plates belong to a set and by having a 3, 5 and 8 Bo Phae plates from the same set, it will grant the user additional stats.

How to get your Bo Phae Plates and Equipment?
After doing more research on Bo Phae Plates and Equipment, I have decided to write a separate, more detail post in my upcoming posts so as to prevent reader's fatique. =)

2. Offensive Statistics
Increase this value to increase the attack damage output
Increase the amount of damage taken by the enemy by X% and Reduce the possibility of enemy blocking by X%
Nullify the enemy's block and deal X% of damage. Nullify the enemy's counterattack and deal X% damage
Probability of hitting the enemy X%. Applicable to enemy of the same level. Reduce the possibility of enemy blocking and evading by X%
Increase the chances of dealing a critical blow by X%. During Critical Blow, deal extra X% of Critical Damage

3. Defensive Statistics
Increase the value of this to increase the maximum number of health
Under non-combat circumstances, regenerate X% of Life every 2seconds. Under combat circumstances, regenerate X% of Life every 2seconds
Reduce the amount of damage received by x%
When attacked, there is a X% of autoblocking the attack. While blocking, reduce the amount of damage taken by X%. While blocking, you can further reduce the amount of damage by X%
There is a X% that you will auto evade an enemy's attack. During counterattack reduce the amount of damage taken by X%.
Critical Resist
Reduce the enemy's Critical by X%. Reduce the amount of enemy's Critical Damage by X%

4. Extra Inventory Space
Additional Inventory space can be unlocked by spending gold. As you level up the amount of gold needed to unlock an inventory space decreases by a little. Towards the last few slots of inventory spaces, the amount of gold required climbs steeply into nonsensical level of 100 gold for 5 slots.

5. Bo Phae Plates Synthesis
Bo Phae plates can be fused together to create a stronger version of the Bo Phae Plate.

The Bo Phae Plate Synthesis Process is as below:

a)        Base Bo Phae Plate to be enhanced
b)        Bo Phae Plate used to enhance
c)        Raw materials to enhance the fusion process.

As you can see by fusing two Bo Phae Plates together with a selection of raw materials allow you to create a variety of different Bo Phae Plates. There is a chance that the process will fail, with the raw materials been consumed in the process. You will need to specialise in the Bo Pae crafting to be able to do this.

6) Disassemble an item
You can disassemble any item that you do not need by pressing this button. Disassembling an item will reduce it to sand, ash or extract form. These are in turn used to enhance Bo Phae plates.

7) Attach and remove a gem from a weapon
By pressing this button, you are able to choose which gem to remove or insert into your equipped weapon.

8) World Chat – Looking for instance parties
As you can see instance parties can be easily found in World Chat. A great place to check out if you need help for certain instances.

That pretty much sums up the introduction, should you have more queries please feel free to post it below.

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