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(Took a SS with a German friend. =))

It has been close to one week since the launch of CBT. Are you keen to find out which servers are cramped beyond control? *Drums roll* Yes, thank god we were in Server 3 aka 网通一区. The servers in 1 and 2 aka 电信一区and 电信二区 are so full that people are receiving messages that they can't join the queue. T_T

Usually when a server is full, you will receive a queue number but if the queue is full then its GG guys.

This is a screenshot from a friend who belongs to 电信二区.

Normal Players : 513

VIP Players : 726

So if you do not have VIP membership, I guess you will wait a long time.

The large influx of players have created impossible long queues and long waiting time. I am fortunate to be in 网通一区server but it just a matter of time before we join their plight. The servers capacity is almost at its peak now, my ping fluctuates like crazy and data packet losses are a common thing. Well this is CBT and although Tencent was prepared, we (the fans) still managed to overwhelm them.

Alright, so much for my front-line battle report. Today I am going to share with you How to Create A Guild and Join one. In the world of Blade and Soul, 门派 is the equivalent of Guild in any other mmo. To create a Guild, all you need to do is do your main quests. When you reach around Level 20, your main quest will bring you to 大漠(The Desert). One of the main quests will prompt you to choose a Faction between 武林门 (Blue) and 浑天教 (Red). After choosing your faction in 孤村 you may proceed to create your Guild.

Our CBT Guilds

Blue Faction Guild Name : ArchAngel, Red Faction Guild Name : Freedom

Server : 网通一区

Sub Server : XX寺院

**Guilds are tied to factions. If you create a Blue Faction Guild, only players from the Blue Faction can join you and vice versa. You might wanna discuss with your friends before making a decision on the faction. Switching faction is expensive and cost 10 silver.**

Choosing of Faction during Main Quest

Look for a NPC near the entrance of the village. (Below is the example of the Blue Faction)

To create a guild, you need to pay 50 copper (other servers reported 1 silver), set your name and you are good to go!

After creating the guild, this is a Guild Master window.

You can include a welcome message and give permission to players by promoting them.

Click on the green option to talk in Guild Chat. If you have muted all the channels previously, now is the time to un-mute the green one.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope the article is of help to you guys.

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