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Bless Online 1st CBT : Initial footage gameplay for Guardian and Berserker

Hi guys, I was really busy this weekend playing Bless Online to my heart's content. There was a lot of hype about this game and does it really deliver? I have recorded tons of footage and will be uploading them over the next few days so you can see all the features of the CBT. I will be presenting a more detailed review of my experience, like and dislikes about this CBT so please stay tune! =)

Initial Footages:

Click here for more footage of the gameplay! ^^

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Blade and Soul China : What are Holy Ores and Soul Stones and how to get them?

So why are these two items in such high demand and high prices? Are you farming these items actively?

Holy Ore 圣物
What is a Holy Ore? I believe everyone is very familar with the image below. Now I want you to take a look at the stones icon on the map (as per the highlighted). These are exact locations of the Holy Ore nodes. Nodes are classified into two types, a big node and a small node. A small node generates between 1-3 Holy Ores and a large node generates between 5-9 Holy Ores. In order to harvest these ores, you need an Ore Pick.

There are 3 types of Holy Ores, namely Dragon Forest, Desert and Su Wul ones. Each is used to make different higher tier items belonging to the respective areas. These nodes are known to spawn between 3 to 5 hours everyday so do check out those nodes whenever

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Blade and Soul : Sgamer's Anti Harmonization Tool! Say no to ugly costumes!

Hi guys, how is your weekend? Is everyone experiencing DC issues from the 3 CBT servers? Well I guess we need to wait till the next maintenance to fix that. Anyway the big news today is Sgamer has finally launched their 反和谐 Anti-Harmonization Tool! For people who are unfamiliar with what this does, it basically reverts the costumes in-game to its vanilla version before the censorship is applied. (Please see image above)

This decensor patch affects not only the costumes in the cash shop but also the NPCs in your story. If you have not been using any decensor patch till now, you should give it a try and you will start to enjoy the story from an entire different perspective. ahem.

Step 1 : Downloading the Program

You can download this program via this mediafire site or through my Drop

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Blade and Soul : Video Guide + Skill Build for Hero Difficulty Fisherman's Instance

(Exclusive Blade and Soul China Costume =))

One of the hardest solo instance till date, the final boss of the Fisherman's Hero Difficulty Solo Mode Instance is Mr. LuXun the beggar. In ancient China where fighting with flying swords is an everyday thing, some elite Beggar (yes, elite you heard it right) are known to posses powerful kungfu that can save the world. Their signature skill is either using bamboo poles or devastating palm strikes, with the famous Subdue the Dragon in 18 strikes (降龙十八掌). XD These characters have appeared in many stories and movies leaving no exception to Blade and Soul.

For players that are still trying to clear this instance, I have included my skill build below for your reference.

This skill build is designed primarily for thi

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Black Desert Korean 1st CBT : A first impression review


Black Desert is a upcoming MMORPG by Pearl Abyss. In development for more than 2 years, Black Desert has released trailers that captured the hearts of mmo gamers with its stunning graphics and lighting. Pearl Abyss was established in September 2010 as a Korean stand-alone game developer targeting MMORPG players worldwide. The CEO of Pearl Abyss, Daeil Kim, has set high bars for Black Desert to be a global hit due to its creative and action-based stimulating gameplay.

Black Desert was released for its 1st Close Beta Testing on the 17th till 23rd of October 2013, from 1500 hours to 2400 hours daily (Korean time zone). I was lucky enough to obtain a CBT code and this impression is to share with you my experience. Players who has seen the trailers al

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Incoming : Blade and Soul China, Large Scale CBT followed by OBT

Tencent has made an official announcement for an upcoming Large Scale CBT this coming August. Read on to find out more...

"It has been two months since the start of the 3rd Close Beta Testing for Blade and Soul China dated 7th of May. The game has received enormous amount of support and queries and till date there are plenty of players out there still looking for CBT Keys.

All current Close Beta Accounts will all be deleted by late July.

There has been rumors from various sources speculating that OBT is going to arrive in September 2013. Tencent has officially announced that when the 3rd CBT ends by late July, accounts of the current CBT players would be deleted. Following which, there will be a LARGE scale CBT , where more players will be invited to the beta testing. Blade

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From the Beginning...

Hi guys, I am new to MMOSITE and I have been a gamer all my life. I look forward to providing you (who is reading my blog) exciting content and updates for my favourite games. I am currently playing on CBT Blade and Soul and CN Dragon Nest. I will drop updates of both games + translations and hopefully more games in the future. Please take care of me~

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