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Blade and Soul China OBT : Season 2 Weapon Catalog Event is back plus the Big Wheel Event!

Hi guys just some quick useful updates during this weekend. The Season 2 Weapon Catalog Event is back, with more rewards for players who have obtained or previously obtained the following sets of weapons.

Event Duration : 18/03/14 - 30/03/14 (link here)

Event 1 : Legendary Weapons Achievement

Players can claim their rewards for the weapons they have achieved.

Event 2 : Legendary Accessories Achievements

As per the above, players are rewarded for the accessories they have achieved so far.

Event 3 : VIP Weapon Enhancement Package

All VIP members can click on the link to redeem the rewards.

Event 4 : VIP Lucky Draw

All VIP members can click on the link to have a lucky dip.

Last but not least the Big Wheel Event is back with more goodies! Players can logged everyday to spin the wheel twi

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Blade and Soul China : Some interesting updates before the next patch

Are you like the rest of us, eagerly waiting for Blood Shark Harbor and Mushin Tower? Well today there is still no news of the patch coming in but hey some news is better than no news right? XD

Simplification of the Weapon Enhancement System (link here)

First off, I believe some players are already aware of the streamlined processes of weapon enhancement. In view of the observations made by Tencent, the tedious process of enhancement is putting off some players including players with alternate toons. To reduce this barrier, Tencent has decided to simplify the weapon enhancement path. (Take note that no accessories were mentioned in this patch) The path to enhancing your weapon to the max level is going to be a tad easier. As per the image below, some items will be removed from the en

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Blade and Soul China : 3 New Events + Tencent suggested equipment for new instance

3 Events upcoming for Blood Shark Harbour!

Event 1 Preview: Class Adjustments (link)

Class adjustments will be effective after the next patch, players can take a look what are the revisions to some of their favourite skills here. (Please use google translate! XD)

Event 2 Preview : NEW Guild Leveling System (link)

A new workshop will be added to provide more useful items through the Guild Workshop. Items crafted from the Guild Workshop includes a special elixir to unlock one of your final skills, unique guild costumes, guild exclusive items.

Event 3 Preview : Level Up Faster! (link)

Leveling Players will now be given more energy points to level up faster! The usual days required to level from a new character to max level is 19 days and the new patch boasts to reduce the leveli

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Blade and Soul China : Feel the wrath of pirates from Blood Shark Harbour!

Pirate East Tianba is enraged at the news of his precious grand daughter's defeat at the Sea Snake Harbour. Gathered with his band of infamous pirates, they are ready for revenge!

3 new updates in March

1. Guild system

There will be an upgrade in the current guild system, which includes a Guild Blacksmith function. As the guild level up, members would be given the choice to produce guild exclusive items. The Guild system will see more benefits in the upcoming patch.

2. Balance of classes in PVP

Kungfu Master, Lyn Blade Master and Summoner would have some tweaks in their skills to bring more balance into the PVP scene.

3. Blood Shark Harbour Instance (Hero Grade 4/6/24 men)

The infamous pirate crew of East Tianba is back! To revenge for the defeat of his grand daughter, Pohw

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