The Secret World Dungeons Overview

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Dungeons in The Secret World are both numerous and challenging. When the game first released it was equipped with 8 major dungeons. You can complete each one on one of three different difficulty settings: Normal, Elite & Nightmare. Overall there are 21 instances to play through. Normal is, naturally, the easiest, while Elite and Nightmare based dungeons are quality level 10 and require you have a pretty strong TSW build, decent gear and a well thought out strategy.

Dungeon Mobs & BossesThe Secret World Dungeons

In each dungeon you’ll be presented with a unique set of enemies. It’s impossible to completely avoid encountering them but if you take the right paths in your explorations you can avoid some mobs with a stroke of luck. The bosses are entirely different story. Each dungeon generally has 4 or more and they pack quite a punch.

If you’re going solo you’re going to have to have a strong, high DPS build or at least something with mid to high attacks and good survivability. If you’re going DPS you’ll want to have high quality gear and a load of energy drinks with you for dire cases. If you’re wanting to do soloing against bosses your best bet is to have a fast, high damage DPS character, great gear and come well prepared. Even on Normal mode bosses can be tricky battles.

The best option for taking on dungeons is of course through group play. Having a group of characters, each with their own role: DPS, Healer (Support) or Tank. This is really no different than any other MMO in this aspect. You can take on the dungeons in groups and reap the rewards. If you’re a part of a group only one player needs to enter the dungeon, the rest can simply join in on the fun once one player has set foot into a dungeon.

Dungeon Locations

Dungeons are scattered throughout TSW. Most the Normal mode dungeons are at the end of each playing field. There are a total of 5 of these type. You will find 3 in Maine and 2 in Egypt. Elite dungeons are simply different instances for the 5 normal leveling ones and there are 3 additional Elite dungeons that are Romanian. Nightmare dungeons are a bit different. In order to gain access to them you have to partake in gating quests which open up the Nightmare areas.

Dungeon names are as follows:

  • Polaris
  • Hell Rising
  • Darkness War
  • The Ankh
  • Hell Fallen
We will be adding tips and walkthroughs for each dungeon in the coming days.

Nightmare dungeons are part of The Secret World end game content. While there are only 8 unique dungeons available right now Funcom has promised that it will be updating the game regularly (rumored to be monthly actually) with new content. With the way other MMOs have been going, lacking content, this could be a blessing if Funcom sticks to their word.

The Secret World Guide

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