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I was on the MMO Site front page and I noticed that some game called C9 got the most hits, hands down. I decided to check out why it's so popular. The download was quick and easy. I was playing within the hour.

I was hoping this game would be good, but I guess I shouldn't have bothered. Let me start off by saying it houses one of the worst character creations I've ever seen in a game. All of the hair styles were either ugly or ridiculous. The color of the hair was very weird because of the sheen. It was like I had plastic hair. The terrible choices didn't stop there though. I found the tattoo category to be absolutely mind boggling bad. The tattoos do not even look like tattoos, they look more like face paint. I was very confused by some of the tattoos, as you could choose ones that looked like facial hair or glasses. Even these tattoos that were supposed to look like you were wearing something else on your face were absolutely terrible.

Once I was out of the crappy character creation, it was the music that got to me first. Some sort of Asian heavy metal music, which didn't fit the game at all, was killing my brain. So of course the first thing I did was turn off game's sound.

Now I must admit that although so far my experience up to this point has been pretty terrible, the graphics aren't so bad. The first thing the game teaches me to do is swing my weapon. Oh, nice. This open ended combat felt just right. It's a relief at this point to have something satisfy me. Another good thing is that you can jump over things. I really don't like games where you can't jump. It's not a deciding factor in my choice to play the game, but it helps so much to have a jump mechanic implemented.

The combat in C9 is very similar to Vindictus. It has it's own feel of course, but that's the closest thing I can relate to it. Although the combat is of the currently popular action style, I feel it needs some tweaking to really make it perfect. One of the major problems I found was the fact that there is no collision detection on monsters. It was all to easy for me to walk through a monster without trying. Another issue I had was the fact that there are no health bars or indications of damage being done to the monsters besides damage numbers showing. I can understand the idea behind having no health bars but I feel it fails. There should be, at the very least, some sort of mechanic to indicate a monster's overall health status. It's unsatisfying to not know if a monster went to the ground because it's dead or just hurt. It left me confused and annoyed.

I don't generally care about story in a game, especially not when it's an Asian port. It turns out, C9 isn't anything different. Even though I must say that the small amount of story I was involved with at the start of the game felt terrible and just plain stupid. The introduction was simply about rushing into battle to help some really clueless soldier who had no sense of danger or common sense. Add to that the bad cut scenes and it was easy to spam ESC to skip through events. Vindictus' story was much easier to pay attention to and progress through.

The user interface in C9 isn't necessarily bad in it's setup, but the text added to the options and other menus are extremely poor in their polish. I found text within the user interface to be over sized and poorly translated. Some of the explanations of an option didn't even make sense.

I'm really disappointed I didn't have more positive things to say about C9. It has potential and perhaps if I could overlook all it's negatives, I'd have fun. I just can't though. It's so hard to get past the terrible port from Asia to America, that I can only see it as just another poorly executed Asian action RPG. I apologize if you disagree and am glad if you can find entertainment in it, but I can't relate.

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