Paladins - Seris, The Oracle of the Abyss arrives

By: Tony259 posted at Apr 14, 2017 3:13 pm

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OB48 in paladins will be bringing up another new champion: Seris, the oracle of the abyss. Seris will be the 6th healer appearing in the game and has the biggest team based ultimate to really create some good plays, and instead of having a weapon of some sort as you would expect, she is fully magic based which really brings out that Paladins fantasy vibe.

(LMB) Soul Orb: Her basic attack fires out 3 orbs per second for up to 12 before reloading with 210 damage per hit. This is a very unique basic attack as even though they travel fairly slowly, they will pass through enemies as they take damage. Every time an enemy gets hit by the attack, it will apply 1 stack (for up to 4 stacks) onto an enemy which can be detonated by her Q skill.


(RMB) Restore Soul: Her heal skill has Seris lock onto an ally and cast a 3 second channelled heal for 200 per tick for 1000 health per second for up to 2 seconds, once locked onto an ally you can still heal them even if you're no longer looking at them or have even broke LoS, this has a 4 second cooldown.


(Q) Rend Soul: Each stack applied from her left click attack will deal 100 damage for a maximum of 400 damage with all 4 stacks when you detonate them with her Q, each stack exploded heals her for 15% of her maximum health, this has a 10 second cooldown.


(F) Shadow Travel: Seris will stealth for 5 seconds and can not be damaged or take any debuffs while in shadow travel, this has a 10 second cooldown that starts after you come out of stealth.


(E) Convergence: Seris throws a ball of abyss in front of her that will detonate after about 1.5 seconds, this will drag in enemies within roughly 2-3 meters around it and leave them stunned very briefly.


Seris has some really nice legendary cards to really let her change how she plays or meets the enemy match up, such as taking Agony if you want to be much more aggresive and help your team secure kills with a stun, Mortal Reach to give her that extra bit of healing and at a much longer range, or Soul Collector to potentially help her with dealing with flankers due to having the extra hp for survivability.

As with most patches so far, OB48 comes with a new set of costumes for Bomb King, Maeve and Mal Damba. Mal Dambas costume set is locked within a loot chest fully dedicated to his set that also includes a new voice pack; it's also worth noting that Hi-Rez will be letting everyone open 1 chest for free when it arrives in which the chest will then cost 40 gems to purchase after.

There will be a whole range of bug fixes, improvements and balancing among characters along with a new PvE coop map and a new test queue rotation, the best thing coming with this patch will be the introduction of finally testing in-game voice chat on the PTS right now, this is quoted from the forums here:


If you want to read the rest of the changes then feel free to head over to the forum here:


You can also watch the OB48 preview over on youtube:

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