Paladins - New Champion: Lex, The Hand of Justice

By: Tony259 posted at Mar 17, 2017 7:38 pm

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Paladins OB46 is introducing yet another hero into the realm. Lex the "lawman" will be the next flanker added to the roster and has his own unique playing style, one of the key things being his ability to track a single character down no matter what wall they're hiding behind, along with having a great kill confirming skill and earning extra credits for hunting down his bounty.

LMB: Dual Magnums

Dual magnums that fire every 0.7s dealing 700 damage. They can fire to a low-medium range before the damage drop off starts, this will help him to attack targets without having to play too risky in certain cituations due to his health and lack of real escapes.

RMB: In Pursuit

Activating the skill will enter into a 3rd person perspective and deal 1050 damage over 1.5 seconds, it will auto lock onto the nearest target which also includes deployables and fire at them for the duration, the skill has a 15 second cooldown.

F: Combat Slide

Activating the skill will quickly slide you forward a short distance while still letting you turn around to fire at enemies, it has a very short 3 second cooldown to keep him mobile during fights.

Q: Retribution

A Retribution target will be revealed to you when they get within a set distance of you regardless of if they are in LoS or not; this will give you vision of a the target so you can keep track of them when they break LoS, activating the skill will randomly select a new target, being killed by an enemy will automatically make them your target and you will gain extra credits for killing who ever your target is depending on what their killing spree is, the cooldown to re-activate manually is 30 seconds.

E: The Law

Activating his ultimate will have him briefly charge up his Magnums to then release a blast that can hit multiple targets nearby and will instantly kill anyone at 65% health or below, anyone above that health will take 600 damage and be slowed for 1 seconds and it does not go through shields, but will go through barriers such as Torvald or Ruckus.

Legendary cards:

As with each patch that seems to be coming will also bring in a new character skin, which this time it will be for Fernando under the theme of some sort of future space man which is enhanced by his new voice pack which gives a radio transmission style to his voice, it also has a few new effects onto his skills such as his basic attack is now producing a blue flame, a blue shield and his fireball is blue which also has a slightly different effect when it hits a wall.

There will also be a new set of balance changes that can be checked over on the forums along with the next PvE mode to come into rotation: http://forums.paladins.com/showthread.php?33762-Open-Beta-46-Patch-Notes-March-17-2017&p=200304#post200304

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