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LawBreakers is a game I have been looking forward to ever since I saw some small details of it before overwatch even came out. I've been craving team based shooters for a while and it seems like 2016 is the year of them, it has the general similarities of what you would expect when comparing to games like Overwatch or Paladins, such as having 2 skills default bound to shift and E and then an Ultimate bound to Q, this is where the similarities stop though as it has its own playstyle that differs completely.

Before I start, I want to say that I turned my graphics down to low and then medium a bit later due to some odd fps issues I had from the alpha client, though it did clear up and I just forgot to turn them back up again, just to explain the textures in the screenshots.

The gameplay has quite a unique thing going for it, that being some zones on the 1 map that we had to play in this alpha had some sort of low-gravity zones in where you could jump incredibly high up and start floating about, characters that have movement skills can have a lot of fun here as not only are you able to sustain your air combat but any dash skills or flight abilitys would work better as the momentum you get after using them will have a much better and longer effect.

There was only 1 gamemode for us to test out at the time as well in where the objective is to grab the battery that spawns in the center of the map in the low-gravity area and bring it back to your teams base, once placed in your base it would begin to slowly charge up to 100%, the other teams goal would be to try steal it from your base and bring it to there's and vice versa. It's very safe to say that the match isn't over until it's actually over because if one team was to defend it until it got to 99% and the other team stole it, if they got it back to their base then all they need is a single 1% of charge to score the point or win the game, so once the battery hits 100% then the team that has it will gain a point, the battery will then spawn again and who ever gets 2 full battery charges first will win.

There's no healer in LawBreakers, or at least there isn't currently as I have no idea what their future plans for characters are, but the way you regenerate your health is by going to health stations shown in the screenshot above, not that you can see it properly but I'm basically stood in a small green rectangle area inside that small booth that gives you +20 health per second. I wasn't too sure what to think of it originally but in its own right it kinda makes sense due to the size of the map.

There's 2 of these stations at the left and right paths of each teams battery room so it's not normally too hard to get to, but since there's no other way to get your health back in this game, I found it to be a little bit of a nuisance as you have to completely disengage out of combat and make your way back to them, I thought it kind of slowed the game down a bit as it can require you to play a bit too careful or fully commit to a fight unless you want to be dying often or taking a trip back to these things.

The alpha currently had no kind of progression system that I was aware of, so no exp, leveling or a form of currency to be rewarded with at the end of a match, I can expect that to change as it seems they have something setup that you can see in the lobby, that being the big "?" and the "0" at the left of each players name, I assume the question marks will be a players avatar and the 0 is our levels, I do hope it will be something similar to how Overwatch has gone about progression as it's always fun to unlock things at you play.

One thing that's worth noting as well is that each teams characters have a completely different appearance and voice actor which I found to be fairly cool, so the Law side has their own characters and the Breakers has their own. It's not often that you find a game in where each team has different looking characters so you're not just fighting against your self, though it does make me wonder if doing that could potentially slow down character releases since they will have to design 2 characters for each class.


Enforcer is is your more standard gunner class that would be easy to start with, it has your machine gun primary weapon and a pistol sidearm, his machine gun has a unique trait behind it in where as you start to run out of bullets, your damage will actually increase which means you kinda want to shoot all the way down to your last bullet to really maximize damage to your enemys.

Their shift button is their form of sprinting that does have a bar that drains when you use it, it provides a movement, firing and reload speed increase to you and your allies in the area which makes it great to use in team fights.

They are armed with an EMP grenade which is incredibly useful as it temporarily disables skill usage of anyone caught in the blast radius, you could ideally use it to try get away from an assassin by preventing them from dashing around or stopping a Titan from jumping on your head.

Finally his ultimate ability has him armed with lock-on rockets that can fire up to 4, as you kill enemies you will have a rocket pickup laying on the ground, so the more kills you get, the more you can barrage your enemies in the face with it.

The Titan is the more tanky class in the game, it has a big 500 health pool which makes them harder to kill, though they're slow as all hell unless you can get into a low-gravity area to give your self some survivability, otherwise your best off sticking in smaller rooms and corridors.

They are armed with a rocket launcher as the primary weapon, it shoots as you would expect a rocket launcher to do, except you're able to prematurely explode your rocket before it even hits anything by right clicking, I found this fairly fun to play with as it took away from the whole general gameplay of having to just fire at the floor in order to hit the enemy, it makes this slow moving Titan more of a force to fear if you actually get too close to him.

Speaking of getting too close, their secondary gun is a lightning gun called the Crisper, anyone crazy enough to get close to them should expect to get frazzled, that includes anyone else near them as it has a chain lightning effect.

Their E skill has the Titan throw out a mine that will stay on the ground for a limited amount of time, anyone that walks into it will be heavily slowed which makes them a much easier target to lay waste to.

Hitting shift has the Titan leap forwards coming crashing down damaging anyone nearby, it's a great engage skill for them especially if the Titan finds them self out of their comfort area, or even giving you the ability to use it defensively to try and escape.

The Titans ultimate ability has them go into a berserk mode, once you hit Q you will be immobile for a couple seconds, you will gain +400 health and deal massive damage to anyone close to you, for the duration of the skill the Titan will be able to shoot lightning straight from his hands to enemys at a much longer distance than his secondary weapon which lets you make short work of anyone in your area.

The Vanguard I would say comes in second to characters to start with after the Enforcer, this class is armed with a chain gun that fires faster and more accurately with the longer it fires for, along with having plenty of bullets to lay waste with.

Their secondary weapon is actually a right click skill that relies on fuel which is shared with your shift skills Afterburner, what this does is releases a pulse from her hand that will deal damage to anyone that gets too close, it's great for killing anyone that's low on health instead of trying to use your chain gun when in close quarters.

They are armed with Meteor shells on the E key that has you rain small explosives onto an enemy, these work much better when you're elevated above your enemy in some way to make sure that you can hit with them all for big damage.

The afterburner skill on your shift key will have the Vanguard flying in the direction your aiming at, using this to gain distance or initiate combat from the air such as in the low-gravity area works can work quite well for the Vanguard, especially when you can fire off your Meteor shells from above.

Her Starfall Q Ultimate is really fun to use if used properly, if you are already in the air from using your afterburner in an open area then there's almost no reason to miss, hitting Q will have you go backwards into the air slightly giving you time to aim and then come crashing down onto your enemy which should just about kill anyone caught by it.

The Assassin has the lowest healthpool of 250, but is very deadly when in close range combat with being armed with heavy damaging blades and a powerful shotgun as her secondary, you want to play this class by coming in from positions where the enemy won't expect instead of charging through the front door, if you can get in on someone with your blades then there's slim chances of them surviving if they didn't even see you coming.

Their swords as already mentioned deal heavy damage, the Assassins alternate right click on their swords allows you to throw out a chain that will grab onto just about anything allowing you to swing around much like spider-man him self or to pull you to what ever it connects to, this is amazing to traverse with or abuse the low-gravity area to keep momentum and gaining major distance or getting the drops on your enemy, you get up to 3 charges that regenerate over time that is shared with her shift dash ability that has her do small leaps forward, I've personally found this to be the most useful in low gravity areas as you can quickly and easily boost your self in any direction while staying in the air.

Their shotgun is quite deadly in close range, you can left click to fire the shotgun normally dealing moderate damage, or alternate fire with it that will quickly charge up the shotgun and deal a heavy blast which could kill anyone not at full health if all your bullets connect.

They are armed something called the Flux Blast for the E skill, what this does is creates a small field area that will knock back any enemies in its area and completely block any projectiles coming its way, you could use this offensively in conjunct with the shotgun if in close to medium range, or as a great escape tool if you're on low health.

Her Q Ultimate ability called Frenzy basically lets you go ham in melee as you regen health with each hit, every kill you get will restore a lump of health and recharge some of the frenzy bar to prolong the skills timer.

Hopefully with the next beta that comes up they may have more to show us, perhaps the 5th class go to with the 5v5 gameplay or a new mode and map to play on, I was happy regardless to be able to give the game a play in its current state as it definitely shows promise with what's available so far.

If you haven't already, make sure sign up for any future betas over on their site: http://lawbreakers.nexon.net/en

and to add the game to your wish lists on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/350280

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