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Overall, FFXIII is a good RPG. Great? Well, it's hard to tell since I'm only 3/4 of the way through it. However, I must say that FFXIII does not feel like a true final fantasy. All memorable Final Fantasy always have THE pair - Garnet and Zidane, Tidus and Yuna. Where's the GREAT romance in FFXIII? The witty quips? The ultra-feminine male character? Let's face it, as sad and weepy as Serah and Snow's love story is, it feels soap-operaish. Sometimes, I wish game writers can go back to the basics of boy meets Girl (or vice-versa) who embarks on a grand adventure to save the world. Right now, it feels like the plot is trying too hard to surprise us. 

 Another good or bad point, depending on your personal opinion, is that FFXIII requires more effort. This game does not intend to make life easy for you. I have to spend so much time farming for CP and Gil. I spend 2 hours last Sunday just running back and forth on the Palamecia fighting non-stop just to earn more CPs! Maybe it's because I'm no longer a college student with long school breaks, but I get so annoyed at how much time i have to spend grinding. In the end, I'm resigned since this is part of the deal when playing an RPG. You got to do what you got to do if you want the luxury of beating the final boss easily. Plus, i"m also a sucker for the Crystarium. How I love spending points and watching the spheres light up one by one. That is the reason why I hang in there. Gotta light them all!! Ding, ding, ding!





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