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Not much to say, but as a level 63 summoner, so far this upgrade rocks! We can finnally do feesable damage per min with our bloodpacts. It is not a waste to leave avatars out to melee.
Please with all regards, remember a Summoner is still a job that must adapt to each party/situation as needed, on the fly. Only MB when you feel it is apropriate, and the party is not in need of something else for the min. Don't be a greedy summoner! ^^.

==Regards for Avatars TP==
(Taken from POL.com)

Avatar TP will now affect the damage of select magical Blood Pact attacks. Just as with normal player TP, after the attack, the avatar's TP will be reset to zero. Avatar TP does not affect physical, enhancing, or enfeebling Blood Pact techniques, and thus will not be lost after an avatar uses one of these abilities.

-It is confirmed you do not need any TP to skillchain or magicburst with avatars.
-TP is only used for Avatar Magic, it is not used for Enhancing/Healing Bloodpacts, or Damage/Enfeebling Bloodpacts, with the exception of Thunderspark.
-TP will reset if Avatar is defeated or released.

==Regarding Ver II and IV magic and bursting==
-It have been confirmed having 100%-300% TP drastically increases power of magic, especially on Magic Burst.
-It has been confirmed on a VT prey, that a summoner has Magic burst on a Distortion Skillchain, with Shiva at 300% TP, with Blizzard IV for upwards of 800 damage.
-We are finnaly almost, if not as powerful as blackmages.
-I usually MB 500-600 normally myself.

==Other Magic Bursting==
-Small Mereorite can Burst on Light + Light/Fire skillchains.
-Thunderspark can Burst on Thunder and Thunder/Ice skillchains.

==What else we know==
-All avatars have elements / skillchain effects on most of their meele bloodpacts.
-Not all bloodpact+bloodpact or bloodpact+weaponskill combinations have been tested as of yet.

==Avatar Element Bases==
1) Refer to the element base as a Weaponskill in its corresponding Reknai Chart.
2) Replace that Weaponskil with a corrosponding bloodpact.

-So far, lv 70 bloodpacts have not been found to chain with anything.
-Some Avatar Bloodpacts appear to change in elemental properties.
-This depends on what weaponskill/bloodpact you are chaining with.
-This will ensue problems, in placing them in a Renkai Chart
-Lv 3 Skillchains are verified!

Fenrir: Compression/Gravitation (Moonlight Charge, Cresent Fang)
Carbuncle: Transfixion (Poison Nails)
Shiva: Induration/Fragementation (Axe Kick, Double Slap)
Ifrit: Liquedfication/Fusion (Punch, Double Punch) *Burning Strike
Leviathan: Induration/Detonation/??? (Barracuda Dive, Tailwhip)
Titan: Scission/Detonation (Rock Throw, Rock Buster) *Megalith Throw
Garuda: Detonation (Claw)
Ramuh: Impaction (Shock Strike, Thunder Spark)

(*Not tested as of yet, please feel free to do so and inform us!)

==Known Bloodpact > Weaponskill Skillchains==
-Bloodpact+Weaponskill combos thus far tested.
-I personally have not tested other various Weaponskill combinations. Only my staff and dagger.
(updated 9/20/04 2:40pm est)

Poison Nails > Viperbite/Dancing Edge = Distortion
Cresent Fang > Viperbite/Dancing Edge = Distortion
Sunburst > Claw = Detonation
Axe Kick > Starburst/Sunburst = Compression
Starburst/Sunburst > Axe Kick = Induration
Shock Strike > Shellcrusher = Detonation
Poison Nails > Sunburst = Compression
Rock Throw > Shellcrusher = Detonation
Shellcrusher > Rock Throw = Scission
Poison Nails > Moonlit Charge = Compression
Rock Buster > Burning Strike = Impaction
Shock Strike > Claw = Detonation
Poison Nails > Viper Bite = Distortion
Starburst/Sunburst > Claw = Detonation
Claw > Starburst/Sunburst= Gravitation
Starburst/Sunburst > Tail Whip = Detonation
Earth Crusher/Shellcrusher > Claw = Detonation
Axe Kick > Earth Crusher/Shellcrusher = Impaction
Poison Nails > Star Burst/Sunburst = Compression
Star Burst/Sunburst > Poison Nails = Transfixion
Double Slap > Heavy Swing = Impaction
Vorpal Scythe > Double Slap = Distortion
Rock Throw > Star Burst/Sunburst = Reverberation
Shock Strike > True Strike = Detonation
Rockbuster > Judgement = Impaction
Double Punch > Gust Slash/Cyclone/Dancing Edge = Detonation
Tachi: Enpi > Rock Throw = Distortion
Fast Blade > Punch > Combo = Liquefication > Fusion
Punch > Stone Crusher > Savage Blade = lvl 3 Light
Seraph Strike > Punch = Liquefaction
Punch > Seraph Strike = Fusion
Axe Kick Seraph Strike = Impaction

==Known Bloodpact > Bloodpact Skillchains==
-Bloodpact+Bloodpact combinations still being tested.

Axekick > Moonlit Charge = Compression
Poison Nails > Moonlit Charge = Compression
Axe Kick > Barracuda Dive = Fragmentation
Rock Buster > Burning Strike = Impaction
Shock Strike > Claw = Detonation

Please help us learn all the combos! post here!

Most of this is compiled information from various messageboards, I felt it would be more efficiant to compile it togather, thanks to all who contributed to this, you know who you are, take credit as you feel.

One last piece of nice information:
You can Magic Burst with your Astral Flow Abilities!
I've just about broken the 2k damage barrier almost on a Diamond Dust > Distortion MB.


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