A Brief Introduction of Choosing Characters by Jewon

By: ppdollar posted at Jul 30, 2007 2:06 am

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hey guys, i duno if 2moons is anything like dekaron in gameplay but from the youtube video sure looks like the exact copy for now.

im from south korea and ive been playing dekaron for over a year now and to answer Itachi101\'s question on top.

To make things simple the game is um ... sexist ? well the 3 male characters

Bagi, Knight, and summoner ~ are characters that are rejected pretty badly when it comes to deadfronts and party hunting when ur lvs go over 100 ~ maybe even from 80

Although bagi is pretty good in pk its still rejected during party plays
Knights are okay .. not that bad .. but still.. rejected badly
Summoners they look cool and will lv up the fastest to lv 60 thnx to their little pets ^ ^ but trust me ... they are the ... well.. they dont give good enough damage their armors suck and when it comes to deadfronts .. they pretty much suck.. when ur lv reaches over a 100.. its gonna be rough days

The other 3 female characters in the other hand .. is a whole diffrent story
Magicians are always needed for their dmg
Senegals are awesome(when u reach lv 59 and learn curse field u just carry a lv 12 weapons because it dosnt change the curse field dmg whatever weapon u use and put the rest of the stats into life = which results in a character that just wont die) and plus WHEN U REACH HIGHER LVS U CANT PVM WITHOUT THEM!!!
hunter is what ill be playing ~ ^ ^ and they are scary when it comes ot pvp and is still well rounded enough with good dmg to be welcome in parties

think well before u choose characters ^ ^ and gluck have fun, i duno if this is gonan be similar to dekaron but if it is .. this will help .. trust me i have a lv 102 summoner 141 magi and a 99 Hunter ( i stopped the summoner cuz it became pathetic, like seriously)

especially for summoners ~ careful ^ ^ if u wanna play upto lv 100 just cuz it looks cool dosnt mean its good in the future

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