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Wings of the Goddess Site Updated!

The promotional site for the eagerly awaited FINAL FANTASY XI expansionhas been updated with a new section detailing the massively multiplayerbattle system known as "Campaign". To learn more of the Allied Forcesof
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The Crystal War

The Crystal War erupted in 862 C.E. and lasted until864 C.E. The Allied Forces of Altana battled the combined armies of theShadow Lord, known collectively as the Beastman Confederate, in aconflict that raged over b
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Special Task Force Report

Today's report will outline our actions conductedfrom September 26, 2007 to October 24, 2007 in dealing with playersviolating the user agreement, as well as details on the activities,results, and goals of the Speci
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Dancers, Maidens of the Battlefield

Maiden of the Battlefield'Tisthe beatin' of the heart what lays the foundation. Ye embrace it withyer whole body, and then e'er so gently start tappin' out the steps.Yer blood gets t'bubblin' an' ye can hear it p
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