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Torchlight Mobile All Classes Skills Show and Pet System (ARPG 2017)

Torchlight Mobile is an online action RPG !

Game (Chinese version) by China’s Perfect World (IOS/Android).
Torchlight Mobile haven’t realeased English version yet. Hope it will come in 2017.
 Road to 100 SUBSCRIBER !!! HELP ME https://goo.gl/nfvjyd
 My Mobile game Playlist : https://goo.gl/nK5y7p
 My Torchlight playlist : https://goo.gl/FQZpjy

First, let’s talk about Map and Gameplay. Torchlight Mobile has dungeon stage map like other Action RPG for Mobile and same gameplay with controller and skills buttons.
Now, there are 3 main class in game : Ember Blade, Engineer, Kitsune. Each class has different weapon and skills. The attributes system was remove in this Mobile version, that mean you can not creat a unique play style for you anymore. Unfortunately for me, attributes system is what I love most.

SKills System in Torchlight Mobile :
– Skill system was changed ! In Torchlight and Torchlight II, there are 3 skills Tree for

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Atronach Online (侍灵) New 2D Side Scroll RPG for Android

Atronach online

Atronach Online  (侍灵) is a new 2D Side Scroll Action Android Game go CBT in April 2017.

Atronach Online  (侍灵) is a 2D Side Scroll Game for Android, build base on Unity3d. Game with good graphic with anime character, great gameplay endless combo QTE and Japan BGM make it even better.

On the Road to 100 SUBSCRIBER, HELP ME  https://goo.gl/nfvjyd .

My Android Games Playlist : https://goo.gl/nK5y7p .

Game Description :

Night falls, evil ghost comeout! One young swordsman became a spirit, wonder in world of lost soul. Life and Death make a contract to face the resurrection of the ancient nightmare!
The new horizontal action mobile game ATRONACHONLINE finally go CBT, invite your friend now! Join the ATRONACH ONLINE to disperse the dark!

- Enjoy the Japanese elegant  aesthetics i...
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Top 10 Best Android Games For First Week of April 2017

Help me complete April Quest : Reach 100 Subscribes https://goo.gl/nfvjydAndroid Games Playlist : https://goo.gl/nK5y7pHave fun with 10 Best Android Games For True Gamer on April 2017 ^ ^!

- Entropy
- Life
- Masked Raver
- Snowdown


Number 10: Sword And Glory (剑与荣耀 in Chinese ) is a new RPG Mobile game in 2017. A good RPG for mobile with nice anime graphic, music and special gameplay. In this game, you will collect heroes, make unique party and fight in arena or do story line.

Number 8: Heroe

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Dark Avenger 3 (크어벤저3) - Character Creation and Mage Gameplay

Dark Avenger 3 (크어벤저3) is a new ARPG for Android IOS from NEXON with Ureal Engine 4.
Help me on Road to 100 Subscribers : https://goo.gl/nfvjyd
Android Game Playlist : https://goo.gl/nK5y7p

Dark Avenger 3 (크어벤저3) with amazing Unreal Engine 4 give player new experience about Android Game graphic.
In Dark Avenger 3, you can costumize you character with many details like a PC game : Body, face, head, hair, eyes, lip...
Game has good BGM and character voice .
Gameplay is stunning and epic. Character movement is very smooth. You can have 4 skills in your skill slot, and you got some Finish Move, make your battle really awsome.

Equipment is also your outfit, very fancy .
The game's dress up system is also doing very well, each piece of equipment models are doing very meticulous, whether in combat or in a quiescent state looks no violation of the sense.

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