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Revelation , mmo from net ease (china) is going to enter OBT on June 19 ,you can create you character prior to that date tho, Revelation offers elements that we have not seen before ; it also borrows element from some other famous mmos  . much has been said, for its introduction would require a new post .


So here is a quick guide , click , Image below alone will suffice to serve as guide for both account creation and download  . oh and make sure to click the link on confirmation message that you receive after registering .

GE TO VISIT THE SITE . Image(account creation and downloadi - img

Installation guide

step 1 - make sure all the files are in same folder .

step 2 - change system locale to Chinese pcr ( Common error 1 , if you don't know how to)

step 3 - Click the file shown in image(install - img)
step 4 - Keep clicking next , and wait for installation to complete . Done .


Common errors

1)Strange symbols - Set system locale to Chinese pcr - If you don't know how to change system locale -click me . Now just select Chinese pcr as desired language at step 4
2)black screen instead of login screen - when you start the game don't press any button to which you are promoted on screen , just rest for a while it can take few seconds (no click-img).

no click - img


UPDATE 1- Don't join any server as of now .......... the servers are full atm so you can't join right now ,if you want to play with other English speaking players .Join the guild I have mentioned below I will update the server to play on later .

After pressing the red button you will be asked to add your phone number,type anything at random,done.oh and make sure you remember the number that you type ;now you can create your character .


if you want to join a new guild join us here


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