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The year 2009 ended with magnificent color, as James Cameron's AVATAR led people into a never-been-so-real alien world. Despite the plots, which were written some 12 years ago and follow the typical Hollywood path, the visual effects were mind blowing!!! So I am gonna give it 9 out of 10.

I suppose everyone has more or less imagined that one day humans will need to find a replacement planet and migrate there. Yet what AVATAR has taken us to see is even beyond our wildest imagination. From the eyes of Jake Sully, we've seen a spectacular world. The lush environment of Pandora is so completely exotic that you'd swear it was an actual location. The views are breath taking. The sacred Soul Tree, the pure Wood Spirits, the flying mountains...everything!

When Jake came back with his ride, the gigantic blazing Toruk, I really wished I was him, a brave Toruk Makto! It kills me when I saw the heaven-like planet was crunched under the wheels of the tanks.

For hours after the movie, I couldn't get my brain work normally, as I was still deeply absorbed in the film. I couldn't help imagining my life on Pandora...

The imaginary world is always better than the real one.

Fantasy is not only demonstrated in motion pictures, but also exists in MMOs. People can experience adventures on their own, and decide the fate of their characters. Sometimes you can find similar elements in both. AVATAR has been compared with WOW ever since it was released, while as far as I am concerned, the following game also possesses quite a few similarities with the movie.

I've posted some groups of images, just for your reference. The right ones are picked from the game.

You can see that these flying mounts look just like the Toruk in AVATAR, which Jake Sully was riding, especially the red one! If we have a Toruk in the game, it will definitely be the EPIC mount! Talking about the game, players can upgrade their mounts' appearances and abilities by composing them with others. It's kinda like the ‘Rebirth' in AVATAR...or sort of...


And, two similar ground monsters...

The home of Na'vi, a giant thriving tree, where the natives have been living since the race was born.

A similar spot in game - the Divine Tree, a sacred place. We all like hanging around there.

The forest is the symbol of life, which is evidenced in both.

Once again, the fascinating flying mountains...



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