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I bet everyone that has seen the movie AVATAR would have been completely overwhelmed by its magnificent visual power. When Jake Sully came back with his ride, the gigantic, blazing red dragon, the earth was trembling in its amazing roar. I wish I could be a Toruk Makto!

AVATAR has been compared with WOW ever since it was released. You know what? I just found another similar game! It was before long that I learned from a MMO website that this game is releasing their flying mounts! And I was quite surprised to find that they look soooooo much alike those flying dragons in the movie! Especially the red one! I will attach the images of both, just for your reference!

I guess many of you have already figured out what game it is! As I have mentioned this game before. Lol… yup….it is Eudemons Online. And there are more similar spots; I am just very interested in this flying mount. xD…


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