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As I have mentioned my new interest towards Sci-fi games in my last entry, I tried several Sci-fi games recently. These space wars offered me a quite different feeling from the common fantasy MMORPGs. Today, I would like to write a bit about Zero Online, the free to play MMO presented by TQ Digital.

Although I didn't play the game for a long time, I was pretty impressed by those names and the beautiful scene of both the units and space. Sunset Dirge, Star Racer and Empress of Blaze are truly cool names, aren't they?

Sunset Dirge: Sunsets make people feel lonely, and Dirge means Death. So this is an expression of Doomsday.

Aureole Fairy: This means as a sword dancer, she will swing her sword gracefully to cut the enemy to ribbons.

Death Wingspan: The heavy wings enable him to charge up with the cosmic rays to move through space and rain death on the enemies.

Trail Blazer: The blazing, epic sword looks so cool. I wish I could have one, xD.

Pathstalker: I like her bow. It must be a sci-fi bow charged with particle energy.

Oroide Ares: This is a hi-tech Ares, with hyper energy activated gear all around, lol.

Doom Herald: The short stature doesn't match his big weapon very well, but still looks powerful and dreadful.

Here is the spectacular space wallpaper:

Please check my photo album if you want to see more of them.

If you like these pics, please leave your message here to let me know. I still have lots of stuff to forward, lol.

zero online  

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