If FPS Games Were To Have A Love/Marriage System

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    With Valentine's day soon approaching, it will be interesting to see what games really do with the so called Lovers Day. From guns, deaths to even explosions it will be difficult to imagine a First Person Shooter having some sort of a Marriage system. For obvious reasons, it will be one system that I think would be difficult to follow through seriously. But since there is no FPS games that have a marriage system I will give you guys what I think would be found in a FPS game if they were to have one.

    I know FPS players will eventually fall in love with a map, their characters and even their favourite guns but falling in love with another player may be more than what they could imagine. But with FPS games trying to have something unique that will make them stand out from the crowd, having a marriage system would be something players wont see too often or at all.

    With marriage uniting two players together, this creates a bond that cannot be recreated with another player. Thus should have something special when two players join and play with on another. Things as simple as getting more exp and gp for everytime they are united to having the ability to support eachother through ammo, health, and assist. But what should be essential is to have something to identify the 2 players ingame and in the lobby to know that they are united. Perhaps something like a signature, emblem, armor, or even a tag (this system could be similar to a clan system, but only valid for two people max). Having a 3 letter word in front of the 2 married players name, or by both players having a highlight similar to joining a clan will ultimately show other players that these two have a background together.

You can really tell when someone is exploding their heart out for Valentines day.

The Ceremony

    This should be an interesting event between two players. What better way to connect with eachother than that one moment where it was all too special. If they made a map and a mode exclusively for that special moment then it would be one experience to remember when playing that game again. Who knows, since it is usually a 16 player room, 14 guests could be invited. Fighting together against AI players to accomplish a mission or to have 14 other players battle it out against the couple would be the highlight. If the 2 players unity is strong, than the 14 players have something to look out for when these two put a ring on it. All in all it should be a special moment once two players agree to be united, and by having a unique feature and moment when they do it will enhance the experience for the couple and the 14 players invited.

Isn't an exploding rose grenade a great gift to give to someone?

The Controversy

    This is one of those topics that should be valid for a community as a whole. Due to the common setting of a FPS game where war, bloodshed, veterans and rookie alike battle it out for reputation, rewards, and supremacy having a clan or marriage system really brings players with common goals together. But if a game has a marriage system, it really brings the question, should same sex marriage be allowed? For a fact a lot of the RPG games out there has topics, discussions to even petitions saying that same sex marriage in gaming should be allowed. For me personally, I know marriage in FPS games is a long shot but this topic should be open for the community to agree on. GMs have to take reasonable justification to see if it will hurt the games image or improve. I know since it a FPS and usually countries are battling it out, the GM should see if those countries actually allow same sex marriage before adding that function in.

    Overall, the marriage system would be like a clan system but for someone more special to you. It would be an interesting function to be put in a FPS game because I have not seen one in any other MMOFPS. For a social aspect, this would really increase unity between two people even further. I have never thought of getting married in a FPS game, but I would not mind being there to congratulate. From fighting against world catastrophes, to fighting eachother for rewards having someone to share it with could really mean a better gameplay experience. But hey when you meet that special person in game, I hope you can hold your ground well because if your not paying attention then be prepared to see bullets fly towards you.

Special thanks to the Cross Fire community and winners of the Heart Grenade Event back in 2011. 

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