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    I am now back with a solid standpoint in what I really think of District 187: Sin Streets. In my last blog I mentioned how the ideas from District 187 really caught my attention. But this is a great time to talk about the core gameplay itself and how fluent it feels towards the player as it has just been released in Open Beta on Oct 8 2012. I will be posting a couple more blog posts soon as I will be talking about various improvements, bugs, and even give helpful hints that hopefully players will take into account. For my last blog post regarding the ideas and how I like it click the link below:


    Also I will be using various MMOFPS games on the market to compare with this game so bare with me if you haven't played it before.

    Open Beta is one of the greatest times to play a game, everyone is still fairly new and the game is still fresh in the MMO market. There is Advertisement on every website that you go to, and there is no wonder why I checked out this game. As a re-cap, District 187 takes place in a urbanized setting where gangs run rampant and the police enforce the meaning of peace. Not only will you have to choose your favourite side, but you have the option to make your character look unique. With both sides piling up, who knows what will happen to the state of the city.

    When I first downloaded District 187, I was surprise to see that this game was only 550mb. After 10 min the game was already downloaded, which to my surprise reminds me of Cross Fire when it first came out of Beta. The first game that I joined was called Deathmatch (which more commonly means Team Deathmatch) in the map called Ghost Ship. Kinda weird because Ghost Ship was a cargo ship map, and I played one similar to it in Cross Fire. Just entering the game itself, it felt intense as both sides are pit up against each other for kills. Obviously Hip firing is not as accurate as aiming down the sites, but there was a feeling that aiming down the sites felt more secure in getting a kill. This match was intense all around as bullets were being fired and players were dying by the dozen. There wasn't much room to move around as in around 10 secs you could waltz into the enemies spawn point. After this match I played around 50 matches that contains various modes such as Search and Destroy, melee, sniper and pistol only and even a mode that is similar to capture the flag but with money called Scramble mode. Search and Destroy is the same as in any game, where one team has to plant the bomb and the other has to stop them. Pistol only was fun as the default G19C3 pistol fired at an insane rate. But in the pistol only mode I was surprise to see that the desert eagle didn't feel strong enough. The hits were there, but the gun feels like there is not enough impact into it. For snipers only, the given snipers is pretty standard as it has to be a 2 hit kill weapon. There is a slower animation when aiming down the sniper sights so be weary when you use it. In melee only rounds the ax and knife is pretty much the only melee weapons, the knife slashes (hold down left click) at a very quick rate, such as in Project Blackout. But unlike in project blackout when the melee weapon slashes a player (the knife feels like it struck the player), in District 187, it just goes through the player. The knife animation for right click was new, but is really slow compared to Cross Fire and CS. The knife is reversed in the air and had a downward thrust motion like in Cross Fire. The weapons were great, but wow the AK-47 has some pretty intense recoil. The capture the flag mode is also interesting as both sides are running towards the bag of money so they could throw it into their respective trucks for points. But when a player dies with the money, the money disappears making you and your team run all the way back to the money's point.

    The grenades are another thing too. With no indicator(rather than a red tail on the grenade when thrown), it is a really a deadly grenade. In Cross Fire the Grenade is often use to damage players, and when damaged players come into the radius of the grenade they would die. But just like AVA, District 187, is the total opposite, it literally kills players which make it so useful in deathmatch. By making the map really small, and more players are grouped together, grenades become a huge factor in making players weary.

    The mechanics in how the gun feels and how it feels is solely up to the player. The gun when fired feels that it goes accurately for the first couple of shots until it starts going everywhere on the screen. It is a bit hard to see the guns recoil and spray pattern after the 10 bullet mark but firing accurately in the sights can make your shots count. Unlike in Cross Fire where the feeling of the gun is evident and the spray pattern is easy to follow, maintaining an accurate stance can help you gain that one hit headshot.

What Happens When you get a kill?

    This to me is one of the great factors of playing ingame. Such as when players get a headshot or a kill, you hear the word headshot and see an icon saying that you just received a head shot. In district 187 is no different as you will hear headshot and kills voiced respectively by your character. Although getting a kill streak is funny as it goes from Kill, Double Kill, Multi Kill, ... Fantastic, Crazy boy and to the last one of God of War. Remember there is a time limit, so if you want to get to crazy boy or God of war, Don't Delay or else if you wait too long, it would just reset back to saying kill. Any kills after you get God of War it will just keep repeating itself. Reloading is also great too as, everytime you reload you hear your character say something to motivate themself like "Come On". It is great, and it was funny when I heard "You are a Crazy Boy" for the first time. The death animation is also very funny because it looks like after you kill someone the body becomes a rag doll. If you guys played the Bouncer for Ps2 it looks exactly the same when someone dies. 


    The maps is one thing that I find unique with this game. Depending on which side you are on the map is different accordingly. What I mean is that the map in old town, the gangsters have a faster access to their upstair building rather than the SWATs. But the SWAT has a quicker access route to the bottom of the map. Depending on how you like to play, would really affect what side you choose. Another thing that I find unique is the Sewer map where players could bring the fight into the water. When players die in the water, it is funny how they tend to float up into the surface. There is also a breathing time too so be careful not to stay under water too long! The map design brings a lot of Medium to Close range Combat, especially in some of the maps, it is easy just to walk into the enemy spawn. Also there is some things that you could interact with in the enviroment. Things like glass, and even a fire hydrant. By just throwing a grenade near a fire hydrant would make it explode and water will come shooting into the air.

Shop and Currency

    The Shop is pretty decent as the guns are only around 2000 gp. But the clothing items are very cheap, and is only worth around 200 gp for 1 day. The market is similar to combat arms in a sense that buying weapons and clothing for longer duration only makes it cheaper. There should be no trouble in gaining a new weapon as starting out, Netmarble gives the player 30,000 GP for just starting. Earning the rest of the GP is pretty much easy as in one match you could earn up to 500-1000 in just one Deathmatch game. So there should be no problems in trying to new weapons, modifying parts, or even trying to look good. As said, the modifying feature is great as you could add scopes, silencers and even a skin towards the gun. There is the common M4 and AK, with some old weapons such as the Winchester, but the game also gives out their personally "modified weapons" like the SVD tiger which makes it unique towards the game. Overall, with a couple more patches and content the shop should be filled with great items.

Lag and Issues

    As of right now, Netmarble is stressing out that playing in your specific region will help against lag. But if other players from let's say south america joins in a room with north american players, the ping status seems to be marked red causing the whole room and everyone in it to lag. I only had a couple of issues with room lag, as players were taking more hits or if players were lag running. This issue in my opinion should be set at one of the top priority, because I remember Project Blackout having the same issue. It happens sometimes, but even though that I peak and move back into cover, there was a lag time between the hit and kill detection for both the players I am killing and for me. Lag is a common issue so it doesn't feel it affects the gameplay at all sometimes. Also I cannot screen shot ingame, which makes it difficult to post what I have seen ingame. I seen some players post screen shots, but when I try to do it, all I get is a black pic.


    This is a big one to consider because it could take factors from ingame and in the forums. But for the sake of simplicity I will be just general about both topics. When going ingame, I have very rarely seen an English Player talk, or type in the chat. Even if they did, they blamed the lag, and say how much they dislike the game. But what I more commonly see in the chat, which could be overwhelming at times, is Spanish. In the majority of the games, I have seen players usually speaking Spanish. How do I know? In Cross Fire they had a huge issue where the south american players were overwhelming the north american servers. It is highly common to see non English players type Spanish words in the chat. Unlike in Ghost Recon Online where players can speak English and can understand you clearly, in District 187, there is sometimes a language barrier. Communicating may be difficult, but most of them will understand phrases such as behind, left, right and bomb. Sometimes you will see South American players using the same phrase over and over again, which you could pick up over time. Often times they would ask if you speak Spanish, ask if you are from Brazil or just type in a swear word. Other than that it is up to you to take in the words that look like they are in English. As for the forums there is players speaking English so that is good, but I wouldn't mind if players typed in spanish and also use google translate to make it so I could understand it. There is going to be a high demand for players when the Street fight system (as explained in my previous blog link above) so be prepared to join a clan. Remember don't join a clan because they want players, join one that wants you personally.

    As a final rundown, District 187 is literally an explosive game where players will be getting in your face for most of the time. Having a good feel for the map and how different guns work (remember: Press G to throw your weapons and pick up a new one like in Cross Fire) will give you an advantage as both sides have different vantage points. This Free to play MMOFPS game has the idea similar to All Points Bulletin, but delivers in a First person view. It's controls and gameplay is fluent enough for players to jump in and get right into it, but there may be lag evident when playing. The map is one of the more unique aspect on the market, as the maps and grenades make a deadly combination. With the common theme of Cops and Robbers, players can further deepen the desire to be a gangster or a cop as the map layout, shop, and even the voice of the character brings a unique flare. So I would rate this game as one of my top favourite games. With new patches on character customization, guns and the street fight it will be exiting to see the game through. Although the game may have some flaws such as the language issue and the ping and not having permanent items, I would still say that this is a good game to check out. As a final review I would say that is a great game to check out, but if more weapons, clothing and the ping issue was to be resolved, then I would say that this would be one of the more unique and fun games on the market. So which side will you play on?

    Since I don't make review videos like Spunkify or Remotay, so guys can connect with me through this blog. If anyone is interested in playing with me my nickname is posted below. So a given tip, you better watch your backs on the streets because someone might just as well put a bullet into it.

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