Another Pet Makes A Debut, This Time In Mission Against Terror

By: Ammunition posted at Jun 11, 2013 6:19 pm

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    I know we all have heard of the Dog, Riley in call of duty ghost during the E3 event. Being able to control and use your pet to gain helpful knowledge and a tactical advantage sounds cool right? What if I told you that Mission Against Terror is releasing a tactical pet that not only increases your movement speed and silver honor value, but also attacks enemies. Although I am pretty sure that you wont be controlling your pet (AI) like Riley in call of duty ghost.

    MAT claims that this is the only FPS game that has a pet system. With the dozen of MMO shooters on the market today and on upcoming beta season, I have to agree that this is the only mmofps game with a pet system. There has been a lot of patches in Mission Against Terror that made the game feel more courageous and unique compared to other mmofps. A couple being the tank mode, where you control a tank and destroy your enemies, a new kremlin ak-47 with a customized look that no one has seen before, and now a pet system. Along with the interesting costumes option to equip your character and interesting gameplay, I wonder how the pet would react to you when your dancing. It would be interesting to see your pet dance alongside you every time you try to heal but there has not been a lot of news coming from MAT.

    In many mmorpg games there has always been a pet system that players so desperately want. With a helpful companion that can be upgraded and help you through many battles, there is not many reasons to unjust a pet system. I have always enjoyed having a pet in a MMORPG, as it can hold memories of many exciting adventures. But in a FPS game, it is a different story as every enemy and close calls you get could be because of your pet helping you or revealing your position. The greatest news about the pet system is that there are a couple of options to choose from, a panda or a snake dressed how you want. For the release, the snake king is available for free. With further details soon being revealed, it would be interesting to see other pets come into action.

    With the patch coming to summer of this 2013 year, it would be interesting to see how these pets play an important role in the battlefield. With MAT fun and unique gameplay style, the pets could be a good addition to the Mission Against Terror unique resume. Apparently it was so called ground breaking when COD:Ghost had revealed a dog, therefore because of Mission Against Terror being the first mmo with a pet system, it could be something interesting to see in the mmo market today. 

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