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    Well 2013 is here and another FPS game has come into the market. What is most interesting is from the publisher and developer of Crytek (the ones who gave you Crysis) gives you a free to play shooter that takes place in the near future. It will offer next generation of graphics, AI and even physics based on the Cry engine 3 game development system. Which makes it great to see how a real player dies when he/she is killed in battle. What else makes it great is the AI system, I know the AI isn't the best sometimes but hopefully with the Cry Engine it will actually make you feel immerse into the battlefield after every kill. No more getting 360 by the AI.

    Warface was released for closed beta on January, 17, 2013 so get ready to register yourself to the community. Click this link (http://gamelist.mmosite.com/g/warface.shtml) to see updates and to go onto the official site to sign up. But don't get confused on all the games that have war in front like warrock, warframe, or even warhammer, so remember to exactly checkout WARFACE!

    Warface (as said on the site) is powered by Cry engine 3 which not only leads in the industries graphics and visuals but can make it highly accessible for all PC. This would be a great for those players having trouble playing games that have a high system requirement. No more shall us players having trouble playing the highest quality game and stay in the background hoping to play it one day. The Cryengine3 makes it scalable, and optimize architectural for virtually any PC.

    The site promised us gamers that WarFace brings rivaled intuitive controls, highly emerse team base gameplay and fast-paced action. So get your headset ready, bring your fireteam, and get ready for some PVE or PVP action. With great controls and a seamless gameplay, it would be really interesting to see this game out. When warface is offering a great experience, a great team built from skills, training, and attitude will surely make a valuable experience.

Four Classes Brings Competitive Strategy To The MMO BattleField.
    I know we all seen the four classes in the battlefield series, but the only real difference is that the Engineers can repair your armor. They are the only class that can only carry a sub machine gun (SMG). The assault class carries assault rifles (AR), and bring extra ammunition to re-supply teammates. The medic class uses shotguns, and can heal and revive teammates. Lastly, the sniper which can only use a sniper, has no special abilities. But being deadly at long range already has it advantages so it is not the first time the sniper class was left with no ability. If you played Born To Fire, the sniper class is deadly at long ranges and can pick players easily without taking much damage. So don't think for sure that the sniper class got short handed. Every class is important to be used in PVE, and with a great variety of classes in a match, it will surely be helpful to have at least someone doing something different.

PVE The Experience That Brings Great Teams Together For Victory.
    I have always enjoyed playing against AI bots and having a chance to team up rather than killing eachother will make this an enjoyable experience. Also the site mentioned "A constantly updated extensive PVE universe full of dramatic multiplayer Co-op Missions." With a bit of research, I finally truly understood what it meant. The PVE maps is always changing mission wise, and being spawned in different parts of the map really make each Co-op mission feel different. No two missions will feel exactly the same thus creates an exiting "new" experience after every battle. No more quick rushing through maps just because you know what to do. Also for spoilers 


    The shop in this game contains PERMANENT weapons with a wide variety to choose from. If you click this link you could see the rough variety that the game has to offer. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Warface

    There are a lot of guns that came from a couple companies. I have found a lot of guns coming from Heckler and Koch, which are the ones that brought you the all famous MP5 and G36, guns from Daewoo which brought the k-2 and USAS-12, and even the Colt which brought you the M4A1 and python. There are also other brand name guns too that players will be familiar with like Remington, Styr, Ak and FN.  There is a huge variety of guns to choose from and of which, was also seen in various other games. This will make choosing your first and favourite weapon be the first challenge ingame. There also cosmetic items like new helmets which can show your personality in game.

A Different Way to Level Up

    From what I seen in some of the videos, every match you play you choose what you want to unlock. So no more having to get to a certain rank to unlock a weapon that you want. What I mean is that, before you go in a match, you choose from a set of 3 what you want to be unlocked next. After the match, the Exp you accumulated goes toward the gun/items you want to unlock. With enough EXP it will become available to be purchased and used.

The Hype It's All Here!

    WarFace has won recognition and fame (If you seen the news about the 5 million registered user from Russia) that include winning 3rd place in the European Game Awards 2012-Most wanted game, Gamescon Awards 2012 for Best Social/Casual/Online game, Inven(South Korea) 2012- Best FPS at G-Star, and the Runet Award 2012- Contribution to Russian-language internet. I am also exited to wait for the close beta release of warface.

Overall, this is an exiting game to check out and play either together or against eachother. With permanent guns and a wide variety of known guns to choose from it will be exiting to use in battle. I seen players have the option to go prone (lying on your stomach) so this would really appeal to players who like to play down low. This is an FPS game, but it is going to make its mark by showing new innovative ideas to the FPS market. Ideas like the PVE Co-op mission, where missions and being spawned in different parts of the map make it feel different each and every time you play co-operatively. Or being able to choose what you want to unlock brings players to reach goals in games. Although it did win the award for best casual online game, it will be no walk in the park when you step into the battlefield.

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