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After playing rainbow six siege for a bit I felt that it was quite different from many of the other tom clancy's game that was released. Interesting enough, rainbow six siege provided some fun but not as much as I anticipated.

Unlike ghost recon wild lands, a massive world you can play in, RSS felt closed and boxed in. I know the aim of it was to have you duke it out in a building but the constant Bomb defuse or save the hostage gets pretty stale after a while. But aside from it being an only multiplayer game (with terrorist hunt offline support) it does provide some fun factors.

New Operators

One exciting thing about the game is that there is new operators being released almost every season. All these operators were design to show the special forces that a country may offer. Such as Canada's JTF 2 (joint task force 2) or France's National Gendarmerie Intervention Group,GIGN. I don't know how far the developers dipped into their research but having special task force from each country is pretty neat. Sooner or later the game could have every special forces in the world representing themselves in the game.

With all that being said, it was fun using different operators with different abilities to handle every round differently. With over 30 attack and defend operators at your disposal you can either choose to rep your flag or rep your best character. As new operators are being released, you know that this game is still being updated and played. Also its still in the top 20 watched games on twitch.

Core gameplay:

This game with its 1 life, 1 round 5v5 system integrates a very tense and tactical skill in a player. If you ever watch a call of duty world championship cup it is pretty much the same feeling. Everyone is cautious and there is a lot of back and forth walking. Although after a while you'll get use to it and play like your ranked title is on the line.

An interesting feature that rainbow six seige provides is the destructible areas you could destroy. If more games implemented this system I feel the realism charts going through the roof. Like you can shoot through walls, doors, explode the roof to have access to the floors below, and even use an operator with a hammer that can break through mostly everything. Kinda like battlefield but the house doesn't fall ontop of you when you hurt the house too much. I think it's is pretty cool to have yourself destroy a two bedroom wall in order to make a 1 larger bedroom.

Kinda like every game that says it needs teammates to play with you, it is actually more fun to coordinate attacks with your teammates. Such as one person constantly throwing flashbangs in a room while you come from behind and decimate an entire team. Or telling your teammate that your gonna rush b so that he doesn't mistaken you for the enemy and kill you.

Overall this game is pretty fun for a on and off shooter and with enough time you can earn yourself all the operators in the game. Although it doesn't have more content such as maps or modes, I expect to see it in the future. As the game developers did say they want this game to survive for a long time. This game currently is 20$ on steam and i'm sure it will be on sale soon for the summer steam sale so if you are sure you want to get it, get it on sale. With so many buttons to click I'm sure you just want the starter edition because you can unlock everyone else after.

This is a pretty fun video I found online about Rainbow six siege which got me back into it after putting it off for a while.

Click Here To See The Youtube Video

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