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    Recently I have been browsing the Google Play store for mobile games that are interesting and fun. I have downloaded a whole bunch of games just to be disappointed by various missing aspects. But if there is one thing that really makes me enjoy a great mobile games is the simple yet elegant graphics and gameplay. Some mobile games are made to last as long as an arcade but DOT can keep you entertained for hours. This game can be found on the play store for Android and IOS for iphones.

    Defender Of Texel is a mobile game from mobage, if you have heard of Nexon korea they made a mobile game called Darklord Legends that was also featured in the mobage site. There are various other games too, but the free to play Defender Of Texel is what I believe is the best one. Defender of Texel is an adventure/strategy game that embraces the dungeon aspect. There is no building your own fort, but there are options to improve your characters. With 9 characters being able to enter a dungeon at once, there is a lot of creative combinations you could use to play. On top of that ALL 9 Characters can be used in battles!

    When you first enter the game you will see a cinematic of a warzone. You see monsters attacking defenders and eventually you will enter a tutorial. It will teach you the basics and after that you will get a chance to choose one of three tribes provided by the game. The tribes goes as Xana which is human class, Hemi which is a monster with human fusion and Theri which is a monster class. It doesn't matter which tribe you pick but it will give you a different set of characters/monster to start out with. I recommend choosing the Hemi class as the rare monster it gives is highly demanded in trading. Every character has their own group such as a thief, champ or whatnot but that only becomes important when a event gives 100~400% bonus stats for using those kinds of characters.


    Well the gameplay is pretty much self explanatory as if you can see the picture above you have 9 characters. By swiping the characters in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal pattern you will summon 3 characters to battle. Without repeating the same pattern, you have to choose a total of 3 (for 3 turns before it counts as a draw). The first set of monsters come and fight and then the next and so on until the enemy monster is defeated. Plus some characters have special abilities that can be strategically used in battle. Some abilities can range from counter attacks, buffs, and elements. As a note, you do not control who your character attacks since they attack randomly.

    You go into dungeons as a main story line OR you participate in weekly events that takes place. I do suggests you participate in the events as it does giveaway more characters, prizes, and sometimes exp. There are rewards for finishing every dungeon and if you complete a whole sector it will give you an Epic character/monster to add to your roster.

    When you enter a dungeon you just keep clicking go until you reach from point A to point B. You will encounter monsters and may encounter a time where your team random heals by 20%. Aside from your team eating chicken, you can fight monsters that carry relics which you can equip after. Like most mobile games you have a energy bar and a BP bar. Every time you move one step you lose 5 energy, and everytime you fight a boss you use 1 BP.


    Well DOT is actually pretty clever as it looks like it has 8 bit character (get it, dots and bits). It really suits the feel of the game as it reminds me of final fantasy, and chrono trigger for the SNES. Other than that this game actually has ANIMATIONS during each attack. For the countless mobile games that have a generated text, DOT really stands out by actually showing your character move up (like in final fantasy) and attack the monster. Even magic attacks all look unique to each element. Like there could be a slash, or rocks falling or a wind tunnel damaging the enemy. Overall I really enjoy the bit look to it and it really gives me that nostalgic feel that I once felt playing RPG games as a kid.

Trade, Fusion and Level UP!

    Just recently DOT has release a function to trade monsters with other players. Although it is basic as is, you put the characters you want to trade from your inventory and you choose from the list of characters of who you want. From this system alone I have gained a lot of EPIC Monsters that have filled my roster pretty well.

    There is also another system where you trade pixite, doxite, or voxite for characters/monsters. By gaining these gems from dungeons, earning rewards or completing task you will get a "random" assortment of characters when you trade it in. You can get an EPIC one (or so it says) but I have not gotten one yet. The best ones that I have receive from these (and they come very rarely) is the Rare monsters.

    How to Get EPICS? There is two ways you can get them. By trading or by trying to self-fusion characters. Every characters have a chance to change in stats, abilities and even looks. By fusing the same character 5 times to itself (total 6 including the base), you can have a whole new character that is much better. The ranking goes from (C) Common, (U)Uncommon, (R)Rare, and (E)Epic as the name states Epic is the best place for your characters to be.

    Everytime you fuse a character, you get EXP to level up the base character. You can fuse any character to the base character and gain EXP to level up. Each level improves your stats so maxing your best characters in the beginning is the best thing you can do, unless your trading them for even better ones.

Support? Questions and Help?

    So when I first played the game I logged in as a guest not knowing if the game was good. Then after playing it for a couple of days, I wanted to make a full fledge account so my profile does not get deleted. The Mobage support team was quick and easy and I had my account made in no time. I know it is a mobile game, but the team is there to help you with any problems you come into contact with and they are pretty quick at it too. Surely if I had a problem I am confident that the team will find a solution within 24 hours.

    As always this is one of those games that I have really been waiting to play. Trying to make your team stronger and gain more of the epic monsters have really made this game enjoyable. Along with the great graphics and animation I truly recommend this mobile game to anyone. There are events changing daily and new monsters coming to the battle every week so there is always new content. There are a lot of characters and monster right now so you can mix and match your team how ever you want. From performance to looks, the big question is, do you have a good team to defend texel?

If you want a huge boost in your team and gain other bonuses input this code: 4S8g (Case sensitive, type it the way you see it)

By inputting this code you will gain one Rare Monster and other boosts to help you along your journey. You have to clear the first boss and then type the code down. Click the invite ID and remember to input this code! Not only will you help me but you will show your support!

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