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    Waiting for the new year has never been so exciting. So before we end it off, here is my top 5 favourite MMOFPS games that I have played upcoming to 2012. These games are the one that I have really enjoyed over the time playing, and I hope you guys might try these games out if your looking for a great time.

    The number 5 slot was pretty difficult choosing games from a classic shooter Combat Arms and a brand new MMOFPS with a huge permanent customization called Absolute Force Online. I might have chosen Absolute Force Online, but this one game really had something that separates them from the generic FPS. Although I will recommend absolute force online.

District 187:Sin Streets

    This free to play shooter with the theme of Cops and Robbers really gives the players the feel of choosing which side you support. With the innovative system of having a "Street Fight" which is clans battling it out for control of the streets, really makes this game stand out. Not only you will be conquering the streets for reputation, but your clan will earn rewards for doing so. There is a couple of guns to choose from, and a character customization that can make your define your personality. There is destructible environments like blowing up a fire hydrant, and there is a cool voice acting after every kill and reload. With the common theme of law enforcing and law breaking, the game just takes it over the top as the "street fight" not only shows who is the best, but unites players closer as a clan.

    The number 4 slot has just been recently placed as I just downloaded the game a couple days ago. I researched this game and there was a lot of hype towards it. I have been holding this game off for a while, but I finally took time to actually play it. By doing so it really took me by surprise.

Blacklight: Retribution

    This free to play shooter was really pushing the interests as there was cool equipment like a riotshield, exploding tomahawk, and even a katana. There are also a permanent option for most items ranging from armor, to weapons, to support equipments, to even permanent gun parts which is a great way to express how you play. Now customizing parts of your weapon to represent how you play really highlights this game. From changing the muzzle, to the stock you can really change some weapons to better enhance the way you play, by also putting on a weapon tag it really defines your personality. The CP points after every kill, assist, captures, and whatever you do really makes purchasing "killstreaks" more rewarding. Killstreaks ranging from health packs, rocket launchers, to even a heavy suit that can dismember your enemies really rewards players for doing well in a match. Blacklight retribution lived up to its hype as I do enjoyed the leveling up system to unlock rewards, guns, and cool equipments.

    This number 3 is one of the more newer games on the market today. It was really a toss up between Alliance Valiant Arms or this. But if I really had to choose one, I would choose this game just because it's new, there's kill rewards and there is so much to look forward to now.

Arctic Combat

    This is one of those games that really goes for those Call Of Duty players. There are health packs, helicopters, airstrikes, and UAV being rewarded from dead players. There are even a passive ability that makes players reload faster, heal up to a certain health and there are aggressive abilities that rewards a player with a RPG after killing 4 people. This game graphics looks great, the gameplay is similar to COD, and there are permanent weapons and grenades that can be purchased with ingame cash. It's simple and it is one of those newer games on the market that delivers a great experience with a bit of kill streaks. This game doesn't require high computer specs but if you can make it, the graphics is just amazing. This game is highly populated even though it is still in its open beta season, and with so much more to look forward to with input from the community, this game can be better than what it is today.

    This number 2 slot has always been on those close games to me. I have always enjoyed this game and I am not embarrass to say that this game stuck for a long time. Ever since it was in the beta season I am still playing this game to today. This game is my favourite and is one of those games that really stuck with me since.

Cross Fire

    Cross fire has always been one of those games that I played. Although some players may complain that it has outdated graphics, gameplay and what not, I say this is one of those games that is really rewarding. It is a simple shooter that delivers so well. With games having new ideas, sometimes they miss the fact of having the basics down. This game has great modes such as Ghost Mode, Mutation Mode and even a fireteam mode. A permanent weapon purchase and a blackmarket system for those who are looking to spend that extra cash from playing so long. I played this game for a long time, the skill base is highly required and it is one of those games that I have enjoyed for so many years. Cross Fire is just one of those games that has been with me through so much, and it will always be one of those shooters that I have enjoyed playing over the years.

    Now for my number 1 favourite MMOFPS that I have played. I know I really bent the rules a bit, but this game could be considered first person if you scope in. With the gameplay difficulty and a new innovative idea, it is really my most top rated shooter on the market.

Ghost Recon Online

    Ghost Recon Online is that game that I have really enjoyed recently. Surprising, because this is one of those MMO shooters that is the only one that took the cover base system. What I mean about cover base system is that you can click a button (space bar) to go behind most objects to use it as "cover". This idea not only means a new gameplay feel (it's more difficult to run and gun), but it brings a new tactical feel towards the common shooters we see today. Not only that but since Ghost Recon Online takes the future soldier route, players have the choice to choose between 3 different classes, each equipped with unique abilities, armor and specific weapon types. Choosing an assault class with a riot shield to break down enemy lines, or to be a specialist equipped with the light machine gun and an Aegis (bubble) shield to help the team advance, or to be a recon with a sniper and detect enemies whereabouts really brings team work to a whole level. There are also other abilities, and weapons to choose from so choose the weapons and abilities that best suited for your playing style. Oh did I mention every weapon, armor and ability purchase is permanent? Not only permanent but there is a level up system that gives veterans player a little more boost in battle so be prepared to hold your ground.

    Well I hope 2013 will be the new year where more great MMOFPS games will be released. 2012 was a great year as many new FPS games came out of closed beta, or is still in beta testing. It was exiting to see games step it up a notch to become different from the basic shooters. To everyone, have a fun time playing your favourite FPS game, and as always hearing HEADSHOT is just so satisfying. To those who think that planetside 2 will be on this list, I am saving that one for 2013.

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