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Kick Vote System, Are You In?

    So I am wondering if you guys are all in for a kickvote system. Apparently nowadays players are trying to vote for a kicksystem in every game that I play. 

    I know every player looks at the bright side of a kickvote system, but I feel that it is one system that I do not wish to see implemented. Why? I feel that a kick vote system is the most abused system in a FPS game. The basic fact is, it is not used to kick hackers but rather to kick top scoring players from finishing a game.

    I see it on the forums all the time in every FPS game that I played, players trying to raise a petition for a kick vote system. In theory it sounds like a good idea to kick players who are hacking, idling or team killing but in reality th

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Cross Fire Korea RELAUCHES With 2PM and Miss A

Cross Fire Korea has finally come back! With special guest characters like Miss A and 2PM (You may remember Miss A as she was also in Sudden Attack). 

It is surprising and exciting as Cross fire korea finally comes back from its shutdown a couple years back. Since the korean server was offline, there has been many speculations and disappointment (such as tournaments, patches and such) but after this promotion video with famous stars such as Miss A and 2PM, it brings a more interesting future for Cross Fire. I for one can't wait to see the Cross Fire Korean server and what it has to offer!

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Battlefield 4 Or Call of Duty Ghosts? Ammunition's Pick

    Well there has been a lot of talk between which game is better and which games should be bought first before the other. I know for myself I have already pre-ordered one game over the other just because of the impression it left one me with the previous games. But to anyone who is reading, I still am a fan of Call of Duty since MW2 and I just became a Battlefield fan since Battlefield 3. But there is a couple things I want to mention about this epic battle between these two franchises.

Pre-order the first step
    With any game, pre-ordering at your local gamestop is always enjoyable when you get the pre-order bonus. Call of Duty gave away a digital download of a ghost theme (calling card and 3 reticles) and a double sided poster. But Battlefield
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Should There Be Shingeki No Kyojin, Attack On Titan MMO?


    I have recently seen an announcement on the Attack on Titan anime which is currently receiving a lot of hype from many fans. The popular anime is going to have a game released on the 3DS, but what if they went full scale into a MMO? With hopefully better graphics than the DS, next level combat action and perhaps a whole new plot I can imagine an exciting adrenaline pumping MMO.

Link: http://kotaku.com/rumor-first-look-at-the-attack-on-titan-3ds-in-game-gr-1256374212 

    I am not a die hard fan of the series so bear with me with any terminology, names and plot. I for one believe a famous and popular anime like attack on titan can receive many interesting feedback from its fans. But if it went to a full scale mmo where p...
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