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Mobile May: Top Mobile You Should Play 2014

I don't think posting multiple articles with one game each will be worth it or fun so I am giving a list of mobile games that I think players should give a try. Remember these are just personal favs some of them could be overwhelming in the cash category so be mindful.

MMO like games

Slingshot Brave: You build your three characters with different weapons and armor and you can play online REAL time with another player.

Fighting Game

Injustice Gods Among Us IOS: Creators of Mortal Kombat, it has the DC universe and specials

Empire Like Games

Runes of War: like many other games but had a yggrasil union feel to it (though I wish the graphics were like it)


LineZeta: form lines, Mechs and Girls + Mechs!

Random Card Game

Rise Of Mythos: Archers, Zombies, Flying Pegasus, Warriors etc tap the card yo

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Mobile May: Puzzles And Dragons

    I have recently started to enjoy mobile games and it took me a while to find a fun and exciting game to play. Although for me personally there are a couple preferences that I tend to choose before downloading any game. The game has to consist of great graphics, cool/interesting gameplay, and it has to have a RPG impression to it. PAD matches with everything that I have said and so when I downloaded it way back when, I am still enjoying it to this day. PAD offers a puzzle gameplay but don't get fooled by the kawaii dragons in your first impressions.

Get To Know Ya

    Puzzle and Dragons is by Gungho online entertainment and is considered to be a number 1 hit in japan for being a best selling puzzle RPG. It is an addictive and free 3-match puzzle

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Get Ready For Mobile May!


    I have been recently spending a lot of time on mobile games nowadays. Since with school and everything mobile games are a quick and fun way to have fun without spending anything at all. But much like a computer a person needs a reliable phone which companies like LG, Samsung and Iphone can offer. If you are looking for a smartphone choose one that is sorta new to this generation and make sure it is a quad core with at least 1 or 2g ram. If you don't want to do your research, I am pretty sure Iphone 4/5 is pretty reliable. If you don't have a proper phone to play games, and don't want to actually buy a new one (companies are finding smart ways to catch you so be careful) you can always buy a tablet and play it on there. Make sure it is a good table

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Kick Vote System, Are You In?

    So I am wondering if you guys are all in for a kickvote system. Apparently nowadays players are trying to vote for a kicksystem in every game that I play. 

    I know every player looks at the bright side of a kickvote system, but I feel that it is one system that I do not wish to see implemented. Why? I feel that a kick vote system is the most abused system in a FPS game. The basic fact is, it is not used to kick hackers but rather to kick top scoring players from finishing a game.

    I see it on the forums all the time in every FPS game that I played, players trying to raise a petition for a kick vote system. In theory it sounds like a good idea to kick players who are hacking, idling or team killing but in reality th

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