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Happy Lunar New Year! Aika welcomes the year of the rooster with a blast! Have a chance to receive different kinds of prizes as easy as 1..2..3!


Event mechanics:

- Log in the game this weekend  (January 28 - January 29)

- Players who logged in will automatically received items in their inventory (Same as Aika Talent)


Event Items will be given randomly:

Pran RPS

Caelium Extract Box [3 Day]

Integrity Mark [1 Day]


Memory Posion

Experience Scroll [1 Hour]


Rooster Bonus!

A special reward  (Lucky Package) will be given to all players who logged on before our Rumble Arena!

[Lunar New Year event 2017 - Part 2]

And the celebration continues!
As you can see here, we have prepared 6 more mystery prizes for you all!

BUT each player can only receive 1 of the 6 mystery items.

To join, comment on Facebook with the following:

In-game name:
Red Packet Number: (select from 1-6)

You have until 23:59 (EST) on January 30 to participate!
We'll be revealing the prizes next week, in our forums

[Added note: All posts will be recorded by the end of the event; any edit/changes in your posts afterwards will not be considered.]

If you haven’t yet experience the game it’s not yet too late. You can download the client here.

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Aika Online Webpage: Register Now!

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Youtube Channel: Watch our Video  

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