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Hey everyone, here is a list of all the jumping puzzles in GW2 with video walkthroughs for each and every puzzle. There are 37 puzzles in total, totaling over 38 achievements (one of them give out 2 achievements). Puzzles are sorted by zone and difficulty are marked in the description. You may find the puzzles easier/harder than stated.

Lion's Arch/WvW

Troll's End - Lion’s Arch - this puzzle starts roughly in Trader's Forum, up in the ramp high up in the sky. You will need to aim down a well and jump into it to get to the puzzle entrance. This puzzle can be a bit hard for tall races due to the low ceiling (camera freaks out a little).

Urmaug's Secret - Lion's Arch  - This puzzle is in the NE corner of Lion's Arch and it is very easy. You just need to do some rock jumping and you are unlike to die from fall damage.

Weyandt's Revenge - Lion's Arch - This is a fairly long puzzle located in SE corner of Lion's Arch. You will need to jump into the cavern behind the vista to start the puzzle. This puzzle has multiple parts and features traps, mazes, and jumping under low light conditions.

Obsidian Sanctum - Eternal Battleground - Your world must control a keep in Eternal Battlegrounds for access to this puzzle. This is a fairly long and hard puzzle with multiple parts and the potential to get griefed by enemy players. The chest in the end rewards several items, including Badges of Honor and siege equipment blueprints.

Sapphire Sanctum, Emerald Sanctum, Garnet Sanctum - NW portion of WvW Borderlands. This is a shorter puzzle than Obsidian Sanctum but also griefable by other players since it is located in WvW. You will need to obtain two keys (upper and lower half) and use both halves to open a vault door.


Loreclaw Expanse - Plains of Ashford. This is a puzzle located on the SE corner of Plains of Ashford (Loreclaw Expanse area). This puzzle features some annoying traps (spike, fire traps) but it is otherwise not too difficult.

Crimson Plateau - Diessa Plateau. Crimson Plateau is a fairly easy puzzle located just north of Breached Wall. There are some mobs that you will need to fight through but none of the jumps are particularly hard.

Grendich Gamble - Diessa Plateau. This is a puzzle located in the middle of Diessa Plateau, near the Blasted Moors. There are some tricky jumps and a bunch of mobs to fight through but the puzzle is fairly short.

Wall Breach Blitz - Diessa Plateau. This puzzle is required if you want to get the vista on the Breached Wall. The jumps are not too bad but there are quite a few mobs that you have to fight through.

Branded Mine - Fields of Ruin. This medium difficulty puzzle located in NW corner of Fields of Ruin, just south of Varim's Run. This puzzle is a bit unforgiving as missing a jump can cause death due to fall damage and forces you to start over. There are some difficult jumps here involving you jumping from narrow beams.

Behem Gauntet - Blazeridge Steppes. Behem Gauntlet is located on the east end of Blazeridge Steppes and it is a fairly simple puzzle. You just need to drop down a few rocks and grab the chest. If you fell too far down (i.e. all the way to the water), you may have to start over.

Craze's Folly - Blazeridge Steppes. Craze's Folly is located in the NE corner of Blazeridge Steppes in the Terra Carorunda area and near the Point of Interest called Craze's Folly. There are quite abit of mobs to fight/run though and some jumps that may take a few tries to get.

Chaos Crystal Cavern - Iron Marches. Chaos Crystal Cavern is located on the SW corner of the zone, west of Old Piken Ruins Waypoint. This puzzle can be a bit frustrating due to the RNG involved but luckily there is a shortcut that can basically cut down the length of the puzzle by half.

Pig Iron Quarry - Fireheart Rise. Pig Iron Quarry is located on the SE portion of the zone, near Pig Iron Mine. This is a fairly scenic jumping puzzle that has you jumping over platforms high up in the air across a river. The jumps are not too difficult but may take a few tries to get it down.


Demongrub Pits - Queensdale. Demongrub Pits is located on the SE corner of Queensdale and it is fairly easy jumping puzzle. The only hard part is the chest room at the room where there are quite a few mobs!

The Collapsed Observatory - Kessex Hills. This puzzle is located on the SE portion of Kessex Hills near Cereboth Canyon. The puzzle initially looks confusing but once you know the way, it is fairly simple and short.

Swashbucker's Cove - Gendarran Fields. Swashbuckler's Cove is located on the SE corner of Gendarran Fields (east from Lion's Arch entrance). The jumping puzzle require you to fight a bunch of ghost pirates and it is good to bring a friend!

Fawcett's Bounty and Fawcett's Revenge - Harathi Hinterlands. This puzzle contains two achievements and is located on the NW corner of Harathi Hinterlands. Fawcett's Bounty is rewarded for completing the puzzle successfully while Fawcett's Revenge is rewarded for failing a specific part of the puzzle. Due to the amount of mobs you have to fight through, it is a good idea to bring a friend while attempting this puzzle.

Professor Portmatt's Lab - Bloodtide Coast. Professor Portmatt's Lab is a puzzle located on the west portion of Bloodtide Coast (Sorrowful Sound island underwater). This is not a jumping puzzle but rather a brain puzzle (not too hard if you follow the algorithm.

Maguuma Jungle

Morgan's Leap - Caledon Forest. This puzzle is located on the SE portion of Caledon Forest, near Morgan's Spiral. The puzzle itself is fairly simple and most jumps are not too difficult. However, this puzzle is part of Dark Reverie and failing that puzzle will force you to repeat this one (unless you have a friend to rez you).

Dark Reverie - Caledon Forest. This puzzle continues where Morgan's Leap left off and it is a fairly annoying puzzle. There is also one difficult jump where alot of people don't make it and die through falling damage.

Spekk's Laboratory - Caledon Forest. Spekk's Laboratory is a timed jump puzzle located on the west portion of Caledon Forest, near Sandycove Beach. It is best to stripe your armor off before doing this puzzle as failing a jump can send you into the lava below and damage your armor.

Spelunker's Delve - Caledon Forest. Located on the SE corner of Caledon Forest, near Sleive's Inlet, this puzzle is fairly standard jumping puzzle without any difficult jumps.

Goemm's Lab - Metrica Province. Goemm's Lab is located on the east end of the zone, south of Cuatl Waypont. This puzzle is fairly long and can be difficult for the first time. Prepare to invest at least an hour or two doing this puzzle.

Conundrum Cubed - Mount Maelstrom. Located on the NW corner of Mount Maelstrom (near Govoran's Waypoint). This puzzle has you jumping over cubes filled with spike traps. The jumps are not too difficult and the puzzle is fairly short.

Shiverpeak Mountains

Shaman's Rookery - Wayfarer Foothills. West end of the zone, near Osenfold Shear. Fairly easy jumping puzzle (as long you are not low level). Need to fight through some mobs and dodge the ravens (they can knock you off).

King Jalis's Refuge - Snowden Drifts. King Jalis's Refuge is in the NE corner of the zone and it is a fairly simple jumping puzzle. Good for getting your feet wet with jumping puzzles.

Griffonrook Run - Lornar's Pass. Located on the west end of zone, near False Lake. The puzzle itself isn't bad but if you want to get the chest, you will need to do a timed run while carrying a bomb. This bomb explodes if any griffon along the way hit you with it, making it a very frustrating experience.

Tribulation Rift Scaffolding - Dredgehaunt Cliffs. Located on the SW corner of the zone, this jumping puzzle is required to get the vista at the same location. Puzzle isn't too bad and has some sketchy jumps.

Only Zuhl - Timberline Falls. Located in the NE corner of zone, right by Foundation 86 Waypoint. You do have to dodge some traps and mobs for this puzzle but it isn't too bad. The final boss you need to defeat to open the chest is a group event boss though.

Shattered Ice Ruins - Frostgorge Sound. Located on the north side of the zone, near Shattered Ice Floe. The puzzle has you run past/kill some annoying mobs.

Ruins of Orr

Vizier's Tower - Straits of Devastation. Vizier's Tower is a jumping puzzle on the south end of Straits of Devastation that is also required to get the vista nearby. The puzzle itself isn't bad but does feature some tricky jumps.

Antre of Adjournment - Malchor's Leap. Antre of Adjournment is located on the south end of Malchor's Leap, east of Valley of Lyss. The puzzle has some tricky jumps but has small chests along the way that rewards cooking materials.

Scavenger's Chasm - Malchor's Leap. Also located on the south end of Malchor's Leap, near Hope Falls. This is one lengthy puzzle that require you to hunt down 12 orbs. Expect to invest a couple hours into this puzzle!

Buried Archives - Cursed Shores - Simple jumping puzzle that is an extension of the vista at the SW corner of the zone.

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