Star Wars: The Old Republic F2P First Look!

By: Zach Sharpes posted at Nov 30, 2012 12:21 am

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Star Wars: The Old Republic F2P First Look!

What's up gamers I'm your host Zach Sharpes here with my first episode of The First 15, the show where we will take a look at new MMOs/General Games in the market and show you what to expect when you hop in the game! Today on the show we take a look at Star Wars: The Old Republic and its new Free 2 Play system. I discuss all the restrictions you will encounter, show off the new cartel market, then talk about whether or not it is worth the hefty download! Did Bioware pack SWTOR full of restrictions? Or did they make it a worth while F2P game? Find out!

Question of the Video: What do you think of the new SWTOR F2P system? Leave your thoughts down in the comment section below!

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Thanks for watching!

Zach Sharpes

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