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During PAX, game developers like to drop release dates. This PAX has been following suit, and with that has came some release dates for Trion Worlds hit games. With Rift going Free 2 Play recently, it has seen a revival of the games population, which has allowed Trion to produce even more content for this hit MMORPG.

Announcing Nightmare Tide not to long ago, it was set to be the second expansion pack for the game. At PAX, Trion has announced that Nightmare Tide will release October 8th! They state the following: "Setting sail for the Plane of Water – the beginning of an adventure that’s been years in the making – is your first chance to come face to face with worlds (and terrors) that loom even larger than the Blood Storm gods. And with the Plane of Water to explore, 5 new levels to gain, Minions, Masteries, and much, much more, Nightmare Tide is set to unleash an ocean of content for new and veteran players alike!" - Riftgame.com

I for one am always excited to hear about new content being thrown into a Free 2 Play MMORPG like Rift, especially since Rift is one of the leading MMORPGs on the market right now. With the surge that F2P brought to the game, it is fair to say that it has rejuvenated the developers to produce more content, at a faster pace then ever before. Are you excited about this news? Leave a comment below!

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