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Is Firefall Dead Already?!?!

    Whats up guys... been a while since I posted, so I thought I'd talk about the game I've been playing in my very limited spare time. That game is Firefall and it is a Scifi MMO First/Third Person Shooter developed by Red 5 Studios. The game has been in the news a lot lately because the creator basically said that WoW was shit because it "ruined" the MMORPG genre.

    I decided to hop into it because it is now in Open Beta and since the last time I played it, apparently they revamped everything. Keep in mind though I played very early alpha. With that said, I picked the Recon class and decided to venture through the world. Early into my adventures in Firefall I noticed a ton of issues with the game.

    The biggest issue was the population... or lack there of. At 6PM PST aka prime time hours there was maybe 5 people on the server? Pretty sad if you ask me... especially for a game that JUST entered Open Beta with a lot of MMO news outlets talking about it. Those 5 people though I NEVER saw which made the game feel even more like a single player experience. This bothered me a lot because a MMO should feel alive and you should see people running around the world doing events and such. However, in Firefall I went 3 hours without seeing a single soul running around the game. This brought me to the conclusion that Firefall is already a lost cause, dead in the water game that has very little hope to succeed. 

    I started to wonder to my self, why is this game so dead? Then I realized a few things. The first thing I realized was how poorly optimized the game was for being in Closed/Alpha beta for over a year and a half. This would cause almost anyone to rage quit out of the game... especially if they only have a 800$ budget gaming PC like me. The second thing I realized is how LAGGY this game is. I had multiple issues with menus lagging to the point I had to relog into the game. Not only that, but I also had to fight with the log in servers for a half hour for them to even realize I had an internet connection... WTF Red 5? I know it wasn't my internet connection because every other game I had worked just fine, but I still kept getting errors on the login screen. The third thing was how there was barely any content in the game still. One map as far as I could tell was only available to explore, which makes me wonder what they did with that over one and a half years other then sit around and collect money from their founder packs, pretty shady if you ask me.

    In conclusion, Firefall to me is dead. I highly recommend if you feel my blog is bias that you check the game out for your self athttp://www.firefallthegame.com because everyones allowed to play it now. The game is very unoptimized, has a huge lack of content, a lot of lag, and a variety of other issues that would make me say STAY CLEAR of this game. That is it for this blog though... well more like a rant... but if you guys have played the game your self, you would probably understand where im coming from. 

    PS: Don't give me this "Oh the game is in Open Beta how can you say all of this?" crap because Open Betas are soft launches that drive A TON of people because it allows everyone a free pass to try out your game. You SHOULD NOT... let me repeat.. SHOULD NOT have a population issue in Open Beta. Performance issues? Sure, but not for a game that's been in beta longer then SWTORs life as a P2P game.

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