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The folks at Sony Online Entertainment had plans of trickling out their much hyped combat system this month, and they have followed through. Introducing not only combat, but PVP into Landmark, the EQL team is now able to test out this system in a live environment and tweak it to players liking. Here is the action packed trailer:

By the looks of the trailer, it is hard to tell how action packed the combat really is, however, the little details are what stood out to me. As the combat starts, you can see the much talked about voxel system at work. Providing the extra touch of impact in combat, ground particles fly up when in contact, or if the player is moving at lighting speed with what looks like a dash ability.

The Little Things

Overall it looks smooth, and it will get me hopping back into Landmark to give you guys my official word on how fluid and fast paced the combat actually is. With the weapons looking cool, animations fluid, spell effects flashy, and the extra detail with the voxel effects, It will be quite interesting to give Landmarks much hyped combat a go!

If you are curious about the other features in Landmark, I have a detailed First Look video that overviews all of the non combat features that you can watch here:

Are you excited for Landmark and want to hop into the game immediately? Buy a founders pack by clicking here! If you are already in the game, what are your impressions of it? Leave a comment down below!

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