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In a recent Producer Letter, developer Windstalker detailed whats to come in EverQuest 2s newest expansion Altar of Malice. The expansions beta is noted to be starting October 7th for All Access members. On October 14th the beta will be open to everyone. Windstalker also detailed the release date for the new expansion, which is November 11th for All Access members, and November 25th for everyone. The expansion will cost money for all members, however, the cost was not noted. 

Overview Of Features

- Level 95-100 Adventurer and Tradeskill levels
- Level 95-100 Adventurer and Tradeskill Prestige Abilities
Level 95-100 Grandmaster spells/combat arts
- Rare Ancient Spell scrolls to Level 100
- Over 100 quests 
Level 95-100 Tradeskill quests
- New Tradeskill Recipes
- Lots and lots of loot!
14 heroic zones
- 6 raid zones
- 6 advanced solo zones
2 Contested zones
- 2 Overlands
- 4 new Avatars of the Gods raids

As you can see, it seems as if the Everquest 2 team is hard at work with expanding the games scope by providing a ton of new content with Altar of Malice. They also noted that there will be a collectors edition, however, they stated in the producer letter that they want to make it "memorable and special." 

In the end more content is more content, and it looks as if SOE is doing a great job at providing that to its players. If there are more details that come out about the expansion, ill be sure to keep you guys updated. However, if you want to read the producer letter yourself, here is the link: https://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/index.php?threads/producer-letter-whats-to-come-sept-to-nov.551110/

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