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With ArcheAge opening its doors for Open Beta today, many players flooded the server out of anticipation. However, the growing popularity of the game apparently attracted unwanted attention from DDOSers. Denial Of Service attacks, which were used recently on Blizzard, Riot, Grinding Gear Games, PSN, Xbox Live, and others, disrupted Trion World games for a little while when doors were officially opened for players to enjoy the game.

Trion Community Manager Ocho posted an announcement to players of ArcheAge that the studio was in fact experiencing issues due to these attacks. He writes,

"Following last night's ISP maintenance, our overnight team has confirmed a DDOS that is currently aimed at Trion's services. We're actively working with our ISP partners and the authorities on both mitigating its effects and ensuring this group gets caught.

Our live games are up and ArcheAge's open beta is going forward as planned. While the attack persists, there may be some effects on network stability and some website unavailability. You also may need to use the Resend Code option for our login security and RIFT's Coin Lock if the email doesn't reach you at first.

We'll keep you informed as the situation evolves." -Trion Community Manager Forum Announcement

Speaking with some of my friends playing the Open Beta for ArcheAge, it seems the connectivity issues were ironed out quite quickly. It is unclear whether or not more attacks will happen during the Open Beta, or Early Access to follow, but if any attacks do occur I will keep you all updated!

Are you participating in the Open Beta for ArcheAge? Leave a comment down below!

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