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According to Trion Worlds Twitter accounts, all of their games experienced DDOS attacks during the second day of ArcheAge Early Access for Founders of the game. The reports came on Twitter and stated the following:

As you guys see, Trion immediately let their community know their servers were being affected, and were working on a quick resolution to get players back in game. It seems right now the attacks have stopped, however, it is intriguing why Trion is being specifically targeted, who is targeting them, and whether or not these attacks will also happen during the full launch of ArcheAge.

I will be sure to keep an eye out for you guys as ArcheAge progresses into full launch, but as of right now I am not in the Early Access so I'm not specifically affected by these attacks. However, I hope these childish antics stop in the industry because its very counter productive, especially considering there doesn't seem to be a public motive. Have you been affected by this series of DDOS attacks? Leave a comment down below!

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