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Why Early Access Is Terrible In Practice!

Why Early Access Is Terrible In Practice!

With the dawn of Steam Greenlight came the rise of Early Access. This form of pay to beta test method has been praised by some, but flamed by others. Should helping developers build their game come with a price? Or has the Early Access model that in theory is great, in practice just ends up being abused? In this podcast, Craig of GTN and Zach of LUGO Gaming sit down to talk about their thoughts regarding Early Access.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Is Going Buy 2 Play!

The Elder Scrolls Online Is Going Buy 2 Play

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In the news today, The Elder Scrolls Online confirmed it is going Buy 2 Play. Zenimax Online Studios announced that in March, all existing open and closed accounts will be able to play the game without a subscription. This announcement comes also with the release date for the console editions of the game, coming in June. 


Thanks for watching!
Zach Sharpes

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Game Of The Year 2014!

Game of the Year 2014

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Its that time of the year, the time of the year I announce LUGO's Game of the Year 2014! As always, I want to hear your game of the year as well, so make sure to leave a comment down below!

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Thanks for watching!

Zach Sharpes

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Shadow Of Revan Endgame Analysis! Should You Stay Subscribed?

Shadow Of Revan Endgame Analysis! Should You Stay Subscribed?

 In this video, I discuss Star Wars: The Old Republic Shadow Of Revan's endgame, and also discuss whether or not you should stay subscribed to the game. 



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LUGOentertainment

Thanks for watching! 

Zach Sharpes

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