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Vengeance, Connected: A Vendetta Online player's retrospective, part 3

Vendetta Online Large Station Concept Art

Catch up on part 1 and part 2 of this series if you haven't already.

“These are great” the email said.

The subject was the first few missions I had distilled using the web-based editor in Vendetta Online’s Player Contribution Corps (PCC).  The missions included a persistent “character”, no more tangible within the game than a character in a novel.  The missions represented the seeds to a story arc that was undeniably unfinished.  The email went on with an encouraging word, more or less inviting me to keep on doing what I had been doing and see how the “tree” organically grew.

The author of the email was one of the VO devs as one key ingredient to what was becoming the PCC proper was missing at this point: peer review.  However, through the cycle of write-test-revise and c

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Vengeance, Connected: A Vendetta Online player's retrospective, part 2

Vendetta Online Universe Map

Note: this is part two of a three-part retrospective.  The introduction may be found here.

The month that came to be known as Beta was an interesting time to be a Vendetta player.  Earth and Beyond had finally been shuttered by Electronic Arts and Vendetta was flooded with refugees in the aftermath.  The guild system had just been implemented, allowing players to officially organize around common causes, and a sizable portion of the userbase were flying around with the [EnB] tag prepended to their usernames.  Logging on, channel 100 was scrolling with messages almost too quickly to read.

The universe had been reforged into a much larger place, although recognizable.  Asteroids of familiar shapes and sizes were scattered across the 7000+ sectors in modal configur

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Close the curtain: showering in BeatDaBeat's danmaku

Curtain Fire

This is relatively tame compared to some later parts

Music in video games has a long history, but how many video games have been based around music as a central mechanic?  The earliest case I can think of is Lucasfilm Games’ Loom, a strange, short adventure game from 1990, but there may be some earlier examples.  2 Players’ Beat Da Beat, produced by Nekki, hopes to marry the genres of a musical rhythm game and bullet hell (danmaku) shooter, set to the wet tones of (naturally) dubstep.

There have been a lot of rhythm games over the years, going all the way back to well known titles such as Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero, and more recently in creative, breakout hits like Crypt of the Necrodancer.  There is even last year’s DubWars (my first experience with which happened

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Through the Looking Glass: Getting Started in Dragon Nest


So begin the travails of Musashisakai, Archer in the “world’s fastest” action MMO.  Such is the tagline for Nexon’s offering, released in 2011 in North America.  I can see where the appeal lies.  The game has shades of Final Fantasy VI, as well as Golden Axe, in an updated setting.  It is a world of dodging, aiming, powerups, bosses, and 17 hit combos.  Here, the word “world” applies less to a virtual plane and more to a virtual rabbit warren; in the same vein as Guild Wars, everything outside of the towns are instanced, only here the instances are known as “fields” that are further divided into “dungeons”.  These instances are relatively linear and path-like.  The effect is similar to how I would imagine hiking the Colorado trail to be, if the Colorado t

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