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Soul Order Online Treasure Dungeons

From: http://www.soulorderonline.com/news/2012-08-14-3655.html




Dear Players,New released dungeon – Treasure Dungeons contents a lot of treasures, what’s more, it is very easy to conquer even for a player to solo.   Now, let's look into details.     Elite Treasure Dungeon (lvl 50)

Parts of Purple quality Suit (level 50-60)WarriorMageBardSlayerHunter
Jade Beast
Enhancement Guardians        
Enhancement Stones      
Identify Gems &nbs
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[Forum] CPs Give-away Event


Event @ http://www.miragame.com/viewthread.jsp?id=10573



Dear Players,


TO new patch is getting closer. In order to thank all players' patience, we will launch the CPs Give-away Event. 

So long as you reply questions on this thread according to below requirements, you can get CPs for free. 

Such a chance must not be missed, so come and participate in the event.  ^ ^


Duration of Event: 

00:00, Jul 18 ~ 24:00, Jul.29, PST (equal to 08:00, Jul 18 ~ 08:00, Jul.30, GMT) 


Rewards: 20CPs 

* After the event is ended, Admin will send CP code to&nbs

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Player Interview - Gold3nVend3tta

From: http://www.talismanonline.com/newpage/2012-07-03-3517.html



Today we are delighted to invite an active TO player Gold3nVend3tta to our interview. She is an owner of the first +10 Purple Charming Sword in server Diamond and Jade.



Dear Gold3nVend3tta, Thank you for taking the time to our interview. We also would like to thank you for the support you've given us, and hope you will continue enjoying Talisman Online. And you can answer these questions at your leisure.     T: First of all it's my pleasure to have you interviewed here :). So, how's your day today?   My day was today so good. I came back from work, met my friends, played Talisman and talked to my Love *.*.    T: Where are you from? Would you mind i
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July Events Summary


Dear players,     Here is a summary of events in July.  Have a nice time through the whole month!    
    PK Cui Ying Event
PK Cui Ying event will be held during the whole July.  Level 73 PRC BOSS Cui Ying is waiting for challenge in Senior PK Arena every day, defeat her, loot drops and finish quest!   Time:00:00-00:30 (PST / Server Time)18:00-18:30 (PST / Server Time)   Date: July 1, 2012 ~ July 31, 2012   Check Details:http://www.talismanonline.com/newpage/2012-06-29-3506.html     



    Award Answer-Question
Every Thursday, come online to answer GM’s questions and win reward!   Time:0:00~0:30, every Thursday in July (PST / Server Time)   Rewards:Rewards include free C-Points, Inlay Gems, Pa...
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