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Rocket League takes note of Fortnite and will have Rocket Pass from next week

After more than three years of life, Rocket League has launched one of its most ambitious updates. Patch 1.50, dubbed the 'progression update', is now available on all platforms and, among many others, has a Rocket Pass similar to the Fortnite Battle Pass as a star novelty.


It will be from next week, specifically on Wednesday, September 5, when it will be possible to begin to meet the objectives set by this Rocket League Rocket Pass. As in the Battle Royale of Epic Games, it will be possible to unlock content as the tasks marked in the pass are performed, inaugurating a new form of progression to the Psyonix game.

There will be a free and premium version

This Rocket Pass will be divided into two variants. On the one hand there will be a free option that will allow all players to unloc

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Maplestory M 10 Useful Tips & Tricks For Beginners or Non Beginners

Hi I have been playing Maplestory M for awhile & I would like to share some Tips & Tricks in this game. You may comment your tips & tricks. Here are some that I wanted to share.

    Want to travel faster around the map? Use the Maplestory M Dungeon for Star Force Field to Travel between worlds Faster!Want to sell more items in Trading Station? Level up other characters to level 35 on the same account. You can use your storage to transfer items and Maplestory M mesos to other characters.Want to level to 90+? Just do the Maplestory M Quest line and you can get there! If you are unable to level up do some Daily Hunting to get to the next Level. (Note: it may take around a week to get to level 100 depending on your playing hours).How to defeat Mu lung Boss: Floor 41 Boss Kung Fu Panda? You need around 50k attack range (based on my experience as a NL). First your need to create space between you and the boss just enough for it to not to hit you with its range attack. DO NOT ATTA
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