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Atlantica - The Review - Chapter 1 "Summary"

I have heard and seen so much negativity about this game it was time I voiced my opinion and review of this game. This is probably the most in-depth article I have written on a game. I am a die hard gamer. I play when I get home from work, I play when I am at work (when I am not busy), and I play when I should be sleeping at night! I have been searching for a game that could capture my attention for hours and hours on end without getting bored. I've gone through numerous games, free to play (f2p) and pay to play (p2p). I was a die hard Wow gamer for awhile but then the monotony of the game hit me when all you can do is farm , raid, or PvP the same thing over and over. I can't compare the game dynamics of WoW to Atlantica Online, the games are completely different.

Why Atlantica Online?

   A friend introduced me to Atlantica Online (AO) two days before Closed Beta week 1 (CB1) closed. For that two days I leveled up, learned the game, discovered the low level content. This game had me for several different reasons. The game dynamics are so different from every other game I played and because I am a HUGE Final Fantasy fan the turn based play style was so unique yet like FF.

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