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1) Loading Screen Contest

Aeria Games had a contest where the winners get their work presents as the loading screen in Imagine. This contest allowed the entire community to interact and take part. This is encouraging as it shows that anyone can have their add something really amazing to the game if they try and be part of the team.

2) The Stories Characters

As an MMO, let alone a video game, the greatest thing which can be said is that about this MMO is that the characters have alot of personality. During the course of playing the MMO, there a few characters that you'll meet that will interact with. Each with their own personalities and models which are fully animated. They all do different things. This is something that's great about this MMO.

3) Demon Compendium

You can register demons that you have in a compendium, it's worth while as it allows you to analyize demons and their variations. The MMO saves all this information per account, so even if you delete your characters and set a new one, this information will be saved!

4) Character Collossuem

The whole Imagine world has a few dungeons to explore and go solo in but then there the Collossuem.This mode is worth while and a place where you can use all your skills and magic obtains thru each character. It creates some interesting match up in the collossuem and it's the reason that makes this MMO worth while.

5) Districtive Character Customization

This is the whole reason the MMO exsits. Characters can choose from hundreds of skill skills ranging from guns, swords and magic. Also skill effects how the character interact with the world as you can fuse objects together and get experiences from that. The MMO allows you to build up to 20 different characters where you build and experiment with the world all you want.
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