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I'm just gotta let this out in the open. Atlus are a bunch of brand rapists... well in the US/North American terrorities anyways. This is the company where they acquired and publish the most attractive games (Dark Souls, 3D Dot Com Heroes) and the 'fans' thinks that Atlus produced it all only to get cheated on by their own fans. I cannot walk down the street alongside a brother which I can call an atlus fan and have him yell at me telling me how Atlus runs there business!

Their giant logo takes up the entire screen while the producers of the game have really forgettable names and logos (and Atlus knows this).

While Atlus is just a name is the most suitable name for any company in Japan however it doesn't seem to work in America. Japan is very advanced when it comes down to technology when the US are more of a commercial everyone has to have it crowd.

Japanese players are very loyal towards themselves no matter how niche the games are marketed too (since why Atlus are really strong in their own home land) whereas Amercian's are corporate and fight for yourself players. Atlus just doesn't work in America. American's are outgoing enough not to notice (compared to little island Japan with two cities which are the biggest cities in the world, Tokyo and Osaka).

To some respect, it's really funny how Atlus does get away with it because the fans of America allow them too. Atlus is a good example of a Japanese company which doesn't blend in well into America no matter how hard they try and it's a good example of fans just crying out like they want help!

Atlus was amazing because of the trends which occured during the 90s, alongside Sonic, CGI entertainment and computers becoming more richer in the way we use and effect our lives.

If you want to play an Atlus game, take it the hard way, learn Japanese and import the titles instead. It will be worth it!

brand rapists  

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